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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q. What should I feed my Quail?

    A. It's suggested to feed Quail either Budgie Mix, Canary Mix or Vella Poultry Supreme Macro Pellet. Baby quails can be fed Meat Bird (Turkey Starter)

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    Frequently Asked Bird Cage Questions

    Q. Hi, can you please tell me what brand name these cages are?

    A. Most of our cages (unless otherwise stated) are non-branded items. These non-branded cages come from the same supplier who specializes in cages and has been supplying us for about 8 years. This supplier is very reliable and has always provided us with good quality stock which you can trust.

    Q. Are these cages safe if my bird chews the bars?

    A. There is nothing specifically dangerous about the paint or the bars of these cages as far as we know. We have been selling these cages for years and have never had a report of a bird being poisoned after chewing the bars. However, we have asked our supplier in the past regarding this issue and they have suggested that eating metal or paint is not natural or healthy and has the potential to cause some harm or even serious harm to your bird's health. If this is the case you might want to consider either trying to alter the birds chewing habits by adding other more safer items to chew or consider moving the bird to another cage.

    Q. Could you please tell me if the bars of this cage are powder coated, plastic covered or painted?

    A. According to the manufacturer, all their cages are powder coated.

    Q. What are these cages made from?

    A. According to the manufacturer, all their cages are made from Wrought Iron.

    Q. What cages would you suggest for large parrots like Cockatoos?

    A. We currently have 2 cages for larger parrots and they are the 0667 and 0797 (8/12/17)

    Q What cage would be suitable for two Japanese quails?

    A. Japanese Quail usually do best in an aviary with large floor space. The closest thing we have is the parrot flight cage (0417) but you would need to remove the mesh floor or put some timber down for them to walk on.

    Disclaimer: Please do not consider any information on this page or website as expert advice. Always seek expert advice before using any of our products or caring for any pets or plants. Always read and follow all instructions on the product's label ahead of any other source of information, even ahead of information on this page that may contain errors.

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Showing 1 - 20 of 360 items