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Jumbo House Chicken Coop (EP-3033)

CHICKEN COOP CLEARANCE SALE: Its jumbo size makes it ideal for 10 to 12 chickens or up too 15 to 18 free-range chooks.


This walk-in coop is the flagship of our range and is packed with features. Offers great protection from the elements with its large weatherproof asphalt roof and treated timber.

Jumbo Chicken House Coop (EP-3033). 

The ultimate chicken coop and the flagship of our range. This coop is packed with features and is virtually the biggest timber chicken coop available in Australia. See the dimensions below and compare for yourself.

This coop is currently on display at our Enfield Store but please call to confirm this still is the case.

Dimensions (cm) - 279 L x 188 W x 188 cm H (inc nest box )

Main Features:

  • Designed for anyone to put together. Only a screwdriver is needed. See below for more on assembly.
  • Plenty of well-sheltered space for protection from extreme weather conditions like storms.
  • Walk-in height for easy entry. Internal Max height is 175 cm.
  • The enclosed area has a metal tray that pulls out from the back.
  • Durable asphalt-style material covers the whole roof for protection from the elements and durability.
  • This coop comes completely pre-fabricated with 4 pages of instructions. No drilling or cutting (or anything requiring technical skill) is required. All you need is a screwdriver to put the pieces together. However please note that the assembly of this coop will require a second person to hold parts together while the other uses the screwdriver. It will also require a little patience on behalf of the assembler as it is a little more complex to assemble than the typical timber coop due to its larger size and more pieces.
  • Even though all of our outdoor timber enclosures (hutches/ coops etc) are weatherproof, in the long term it is still recommended that a yearly coat of animal-friendly wood protection coating be applied to preserve the enclosure in its original condition.

Why our coop is better than the rest!

1. Our walk-in coop is 120 kilos of high-quality materials and timber. Many of our competitor's coops weigh much less at only 70 to 90 kg. The lower weight strongly indicates that thinner (or less) timber and inferior materials have been used.

2. Made-to-measure fox protection mesh available as an optional extra.

3. Our coop is bigger. Be sure to compare dimensions carefully.

Our coop - 188 W x 279 D x 188 cm H.

Competitor - 150 W x 275 D x 189 cm H.

4. Roof partitions are covered from the outside. A lack of this can lead to roof leaks and timber rot when water pools inside the partition gap.

5. The end of the roof overhang is fully covered with asphalt. This prevents roof timber rot. This is often missing in other coops, but it can be hard to notice in photos.

6. The back door is placed in the right place. Our back door is placed at the opposite end of the nest box to allow access to the whole back area since the nest box already has its own access.

7. Internal sliding door to the sleeping area. Often missing on other coops.

8. Large hinged door to enclosed section from the inside of the coop. Will make cleaning easier and better access to hiding poultry or other pets. Often missing in other coops.

Note - Please do not consider any information on this website as expert advice. Always seek expert advice before using any of our products or caring for any pets or plants.

Why Fox Protection?

Foxes are a common threat to backyard poultry. Foxes are not just prevalent in remote areas or near national parks. They also live near city dwellings and throughout the suburbs and metro areas. We hear regular reports of foxes attacking & killing backyard chickens during the night. Foxes often dig under chicken coops to gain access, so having your chickens enclosed in a solid coop overnight is often not enough to deter foxes. For extra protection consider the Fox Protection Mesh listed below which is made especially for the Jumbo Chicken House Coop.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Has the timber used for the coop been treated as we have white ants in our area?

A. Yes, the timber has been dried and treated, so it will resist termites and insects (from the manufacturer)

Q. How many chooks is the coop suited to?

A. This is up to personal opinion somewhat so be sure to decide for yourself, but I would say you could fit about 10 to 12 chickens comfortably. Also if they are going to be let out regularly into the backyard then you could fit in more chooks, maybe up to 15 or 18 free-range chickens.

Q. Is this coop easy to move once assembled?

A. This coop would require at least 3 strong adults or ideally 4 or 5 Adults to lift it and move it to another location once assembled. This coop weighs about 120 kilos. It needs to be lifted with a little care to prevent it from bending or being damaged while being lifted.

Q. What kind of coating would you recommend to further protect this coop's timber?

A. From the Manufacturer - "This is not essential as this coop has already been treated and weatherproofed, but if the customer does wish to further protect the timber we suggest that they use a timber oil-based coating product". However, please note that we are not aware of any kind of timber coating that will work on these coops since many coatings will not penetrate the timber very well because it's already treated. For extra protection, you might want to consider paint instead.

Q. Is it possible to have the nest box on the opposite side of the coop?

A. Actually one of our staff members did this very thing with the 3033 Jumbo Coop he bought. He said it worked well and was quite easy, but you will need to pre-drill holes for the screws and bolts when securing the nest box and panel on the other side.

Q. What kind of timber is this coop made from?

A. The coop is made from Fir timber which is very plentiful in China, where this coop is manufactured.

Q. What kind of treatment has this fir timber had?

A. It has been kiln-dried and oiled.

Q. Can this coop's front door be adjusted to open inwards instead of outwards?

A. Yes, according to the manufacturer this can be done if required.

Q. Can you please advise what type of wire is used on this coop?

A. According to the manufacturer, the wire of this coop is galvanised zinc mesh which is 0.8mm thick.

A. Is the wire mesh of this coop thick enough to prevent foxes from getting through?

A. Based on customer feedback we have never had anyone report of foxes going through the wire. Foxes generally get in by going under the coop and not through the wire. We sell wire mesh for the coop floor to help prevent this. See below.

Dimensions (cm) (approximates only)

  • EXTERNAL (inc nest box ) * 188 W x 279 D x 188 cm H.
  • EXTERNAL (exc nest box) * 160 W x 279 D x 188 H.
  • EXTERNAL (ground level) (exc box & roof) * 143 W x 260 D.
  • INTERNAL (exc nest box) 138 W x 254 D x (175 to 153)H.
  • Sleeping Area (Internal) 138 W x 82 D x 108 H.
  • Nest Box (Internal) 78 W x 31 D x (32 to 38) H.
  • Front door 61.5 W x 145 H.
  • Back door 39.5 W x 73.5 H.
  • Sleeping Area Entry 30 W x 32 H.
  • Wire Spacing 12 mm W x 12 mm H.
  • Wire thickness 0.8mm thick.

* Includes a 9 cm high pointy ornament that can be removed if desired.

Box Dimensions: This item comes in 4 boxes.

- Box 1 - 142 X 85 X 8 cm Cubic- 24.2 / KG - 26.5 kg

- Box 2 - 142 X 85 X 8 cm Cubic- 24.2 / KG - 23 kg

- Box 3 - 157 X 90 X 22 cm Cubic - 80 / KG - 40 kg

- Box 4 - 156 X 87.5 X 20.5 cm Cubic- 72.5 / KG - 31 kg

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