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Poultry Feeder Buckets - Green & White

Green & White Poultry Feeder Buckets make it harder for poultry to dirty their food or to kick it around hence helping to prevent seed wastage. See DISCLAIMER before ordering.

Green & White Poultry Feeder Buckets.

These gravity fed poultry feeders will help prevent seed wastage and help keep your poultrys feed clean.  These feeders make it harder for poultry to dirty or to kick their food around.

Disclaimer: The photo on this page only shows the 5 kg size and that the 1.5 kg size does not have the spikes that sit inside the green section. Also the 12 kg feeder is no longer available.

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The website should have more pictures displaying the smaller models because the 1.5kg model doesnt have a barrel shake like the picture that's currently displaying in the listing.

As for the review, I've only used it for 4 days, it seems functional enough although it lacks the plastic spokes around the bin that I can only assume come with the bigger models. So if you wanted to buy this with the intent of using the plastic spokes to discourage chickens from stepping in the food or sweeping food with their beak, it may not be your best choice to get the 1.5 kg model. My solution was to elevate the feeder high enough to discourage that behaviour which is probably easier with the 1.5 kg model than the others.

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