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Selecting a Shipping Method

Selecting a Shipping Method at the Checkout

You may be given 1 or multiple shipping method options to choose from when placing your order.

Some of the Shipping methods available are

- Courier F , Courier A, Courier B, Sydney Direct, Courier AON, Courier T, etc

- Its generally recommended to select the cheapest freight option available, since choosing a more expensive option wont necassarily mean a quicker delivery.

- We try to use the shipping method you select, but this is not always possible. If you want to be certain that we use your selected or preferred shipping method, please email us before ordering. This may in some instances require an extra freight charge.

Shipping Method - Guide

Courier F -This shipping method has a 25 kg limit per item.

Important Note- Please use this option only if each of your items is under 25 cubic kg and also under 25 kg in dead weight. If any item is over this 25 kg limit we will have to use another courier which may require an extra freight payment, above what has already been paid.

If your unsure that a certain item is under 25 kg please refer to the Deliver Conditions tab on the product page of the item you are concerned about. If no information is present please email us to find out.