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Avigrain Peachface Mix

Ideal for Peachfaces/Lovebirds, and is also a great mix for most types of small and medium-sized parrots.

Avigrain Peachface Mix (The 1,2,3, 5 & 10 kilo packs are bagged in clear plastic bags)

This product is ideal for Peachfaces / Lovebirds and is also a great mix for most types of small and medium sized parrots.

From Manufacturer: Top breeders recommend this blend for all types of parrots from neophemas to cockatoos.

Contains: White French Millet, Canary Seed, Grey Stripe Sunflower, Hulled Oats and / or Safflower.

More About Peachface Mix:

Millets are annual grasses and are some of the oldest of cultivated crops. In China, records of culture for foxtail and proso millet extend back to 2000 BC. Millets are a summer crop and have a wide planting window, from August through until February. They are rich in carbohydrates and low in fibre.

Canary is a winter grass and is grown anywhere wheat can be grown. In Australia canary is planted in June and harvested in December. Canada produces around 80% of the world supply of canary seed, most of which comes from the province of Saskatchewan.

Canary seed is a vital ingredient in birdseed mixes as it is highly palatable and nutritionally different from millet being higher in fiber and lower in carbohydrates. Avigrain maintains a consistent level of canary seed in all blends, no matter what the cost.

Hulled Oats or Groats is the grain kernel of oats after the hull has been removed. Hulled Oats are highly palatable and like millets, full of carbohydrates so are used sparingly in Avigrain birdseed blends.

Grey Stripe Sunflower and Safflower are oil seeds which are high in fat and fibre. Sunflowers are a native of North America and are grown for their oil. Birds love these oil seeds, but because of their high fat levels should be fed sparingly.

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