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About us

Welcome to Enfield Produce : Pet & Garden Supplies.

Enfield produce has been in operation for over 50 years and is a family owned and operated business that’s totally dedicated to providing you with the best service and value for money, when it comes to caring for your pets and garden.

We have such a wide and interesting range of products that its impossible to summarise what we sell comprehensively. We recommend trying the powerful search feature on the home page as you never know what you might find 

To clarify, Enfield Produce runs with two seperate operating arms. The first is our retail shop at Enfield where we keep our live pets etc and where customers are welcomed to visit and the second arm is our distribution warehouse where all online sales enquiries can be answered via phone or email.

Why Shop With Us?

  1. Great Low Prices!!! : We are absolutely committed to having the best value and lowest prices possible. Dont pay retail price any more. If you are a high volume purchaser or have found prices cheaper elsewhere feel free to request a discount via email before purchase. We will do our best to give the best possible price. But please be aware that discounts for some items may not be possible.
  2. Specials : We have regular specials some of which are showcased on out websites homepage or by clicking "see more" link on the homepage
  3. Unique & Rare Products : We pride ourselves on sourcing hard to find products often neglected by traditional stores. We listen to customer requests and try our best to get the products they are asking for (even if they are unpopular). If you have a request of your own please email them with plently of information to help us track them down.
  4. Large Product Photos : Most of our products have extra large photos available. We understand that large and clear photos as very important in helping customers understand exactly what they are buying. To access these large photos simply click on the small image of an item. Please be aware that these large photos sometimes open on a different page.
  5. Quality Brands : We focus on reliable and trustworthy brands like Greenlife, ANL, Bonofido, Pet One, Eagle Pack, Avigrain, to name a few. We dont necessarily stock the most well know brands, because some of these brands overcharge for the products they sell.
  6. Quality Affordable Alternatives : We source professional products , that are not widely known outside of trades.
  7. Great Freight Rates.
  8. Powerful Search : We encourage you to use the powerful search feature of our webstore. It will save you time checking through so many categories.
  9. Pet Advice : Expert Advice on Birds, Poultry, Rabbits, and other pets available from our Enfield store.