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Canola Bird Seed (Rapeseed)

Canola bird seed is used as an ingredient in the diet of a variety of small birds including, finches, canaries & quail.

Canola Bird Seed is also known as rapeseed and is used to feed a variety of small birds including, finches, canaries & quail. Must be used in conjunction with other seed for a complete diet. This seed can be sprouted if desired.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Please advise if your canola birdseed is Brassica Napus and if its viable planting seed. It has been suggested to be a possible remedy for nematode infestations when canola plants are dug into the soil?

A. Brassica Napus is the botanic name for all rapeseed/canola varieties, and therefore our Canola seed is also Brassica Napus. Our birdseed may not germinate or sprout at a very high rate as this grain is produced for oil and not for replanting. To get very high germination rates you would need to buy planting seed at $300/15kg bag like farmers do. Nevertheless, for the purpose you intend to use this seed, the germination rates should be adequate enough.

Q. Is your canola seed genetically modified? Is it suitable for sprouting?

A. According to the supplier, this seed is not genetically modified however this seed is not tested for germination so its sprouting ability is uncertain. We also have a dedicated sprouting mix, see below.

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