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    Frequently Asked Questions?

    Q. Are these mushroom kits organic (Green Boxes)?

    A. After calling the manufacturer, I was told the following:

    The main part of the kit (the large bag) that includes the compost and mushroom spawns is actually organic but it has not been certified so.The second smaller bag included in the mushroom kit (ie bag of peat) is not certified organic however the bag of peat is just pure peat taken straight from the ground with nothing added and so is totally natural.

    Regarding the oyster mushrooms specifically, they said the following: (THIS DOES NOT REFER TO LIFE CYKEL KITS)

    The compost is completely organic, but I could not comment on the spawn as the oyster spawn comes from France.

    Q. Are all products in these mushroom kits ie green boxes (soil, fungus, etc) all fully Australian produce?

    A. From the Manufacturer: The Peat is from overseas, as all peat for growing mushrooms is from overseas.

    Q. I’m hoping to grow mushrooms outside in my garden, I don’t mind if they’re in a tub, log, or from the ground. Can the combination (or white button or portabello) box kit be placed outside? Does it have to stay in the bag?

    A. Answer from the manufacturerThe customer is better off growing the kit in the box and once the kit has finished growing put the compost in the garden, usually you will get mushrooms coming through in the garden".

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    Q. Do you sell Calamondin or Calamansi Trees?

    A. Unfortunately, we don't currently stock these as of 22/11/17 but will get some if we find a supply in the future.

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Showing 1 - 20 of 98 items