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Redox Epsom Salts USP (Pharmaceutical Grade ) View larger


Redox Epsom Salts USP (Pharmaceutical Grade )

Pharmaceutical Grade Epsom Salts is an ideal bath additive to help relieve tired aching joints or for a relaxing bath. Includes magnesium, that has well know relaxing properties. Many other uses like fabric softener and fertilizer.

Redox Epsom Salts USP (Pharmaceutical Grade )

Epsom Salt is magnesium sulphate in its heptahydrate form and is named after a bitter saline spring in the town of Epsom in Surry, England where it was once produced.  

Magnesium Sulphate has a variety of uses, however in this form "Epsom Salt" is most commonly used as a bath salt, to soothe aching sore muscles or just as a relaxing bath salt. Magnesium is known as an excellent muscle relaxant. Also popular as a fabric softener and fertilizer.

Disclaimer: Only the 25kg comes in the orginal packaging. The other sizes are made by opening a 25kg and repackaging in clear bags.

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