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Avigrain Finch Blue Bird Seed Mix 20kg


Finch Blue is part of Avigrain's premium "Blue" range. Contains equal parts, panicum, white french millet, canaryseed, red panicum, Japanese millet.

Avigrain Finch Blue:

Top Finch Breeders prefer Panicum to Panorama.

These seeds have the same botanical name (setariaitalica) and are very closely rated but breeders feel Panorama is coarser, less palatable and harder to crack for smaller species than panicum.

Avigrain guarantees the use of Panicum in Finch Blue.

Many finch mixes have Canola or Rape seed, linseed, Hulled Oats and sometimes Niger in the blend. Finch Blue contains no oil seeds and tonics allowing breeders add their own tonics separately.

Finch Blue also contains more cannery seed and red Panicum more than commercial mixes with White and Japanese or Shirohie Millet provides an optimal base blend for finch fanciers.   

Avigrain Finch Blue provides the optimal  base seed mix for all finch types including: The Lovely Tropical Finches we have chosen for our bag, Plus: Zebrea, Diamond, Cut Throats, Red Brows, Siskins, Cordon Blues, Nunns, Java, Orange Breasted, Long Tailed Finch, Star Finches, Gold Finches, Green Finches, African Fires, Double Barred, Plum Headed, All Manikin Varieties, Masked Finch, Crimson, All Firetail Varieties, Blue Faced Parrot Finches, Blue Caps and the Black Throated Finch.

Avigrain advocates a varied balanced diet thoughtfully provided by well-informed bird keepers. Contact your local club or breeders association for more information.

Whats The Blue Range?

Avigrain Blue are our birdseed blends formulated with no consideration of cost. Our standard range of Avigrain premium breeders quality birdseed has always considered value for money

While the ingredients and production processes are the same Blue products use expensive, hard to source ingredients such as Canary seed, Panicum, Grey Striped Sunflower and Fruit And Nuts to produce optimal blend – whatever the cost.


Store In a Cool, Dry, Dark Place.

Avigrain buys grain under standards Which ensure grain is free of weevils and moisture levels are below the level which mould will form. Once we have mixed and delivered the grain it needs to be stored and transported correctly.

Moisture and the potential for mould might come about from a grain being wet in transit, getting wt in the aviary or from being stored in humid areas such as near an aquarium or in a laundry.

Weevils lie in dormant in grain waiting for warm, moist conditions in which to hatch. Fungal moulds form on grain when the moisture level in the grain is high enough for mould to form and thrive. Fungal mould such as aspergillus will Affect the birds health, Fertility and may cause death. It is important that the grain is stored in a Dry, Cool, Dark environment to prevent fungal mould and weevils in your birds feed

Contains: Equal parts Panicum, White French Milllet, Canary Seed, Red Panicum and Jap/Shirohie Millet.

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