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Lucerne Pellets


Lucerne Cat Litter Pellets 20 kg

Great replacement for the discontinued Natty Cat Litter.


A great odour controlling cat litter that can be put in the garden after use as a fertiliser. An excellent replacement for the popular Natty Cat Litter thats no longer available. Can also be used to feed rabbits & chickens.

Lucerne Pellets (Cat Litter) 20 kg. Great alternative to Natty Cat Litter!

Lucerne Cat litter Pellets are the only one that REALLY stops the smell. It has the power to effectively stop the formation of ammonia, which is the pungent smell normally associated with litter boxes. This second to none odour stopping ability also means that the tray requires far less cleaning. 

Lucerne Cat litter Pellets are fresh and totally natural. Its fresh "outdoors" scent is far more attractive to cats than the stale odour or artificial fragrances of conventional litters.

Lucerne Pellets are completely harmless, even if eaten. 

Lucerne Pellets absorb more and stays drier. Is extremely absorbent, and yet it absorbs from the bottom of the tray upwards. This behaviour ensures a clean, dry surface, ready for puss's next visit. Also, because it doesn't clump, there is no obvious wet balls which can be disconcerning to visitors and may discourage some cats for returning to the tray.   

Lucerne Pellets are more hygienic. Laboratory trials indicate that one explanation for its efficiency is that it is the only litter containing nature's powerful deodoriser - chlorophyll, which is able to suppress most bacterial action in the litter tray. Therefore no more disgusting smells, and fewer harmful bacteria, making your home a cleaner, safer environment for you pet and your family.

Lucerne Pellets are:

# Australian owned.

# Lasts a good length of time.

# Has minimal odour when compared with other products of this kind.

# Can be flushed down the toilet.

# Is great for the garden.

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