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Diatomaceous Earth 4kg & Duster Combo Pack

See disclaimer about Australian registered uses before use.

ONLINE ONLY SPECIAL! Get a 4kg Diatomaceous Earth and Black Bulb Duster together and save

Diatomaceous Earth 4kg & Duster Combo Pack

This combo includes 2-items:

1 x  4kg Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth is an organic food-grade diatom powder which is very versatile and popular for various uses including as organic insect dust around the home and garden and as a high silica mineral supplement for horses, poultry, dogs, cats and other pets. However, this product is only registered for very limited uses in Australia, see disclaimer below for more information before purchase. Always read and follow the instructions on the items packaging/label before use. 

1 x Black Bulb Duster

A multipurpose duster that's ideal for dusting garden plants and trees or for applying dust to treat insect pests around the home. This professional insecticidal duster allows you to apply dust into cracks, crevices and holes etc with accuracy and uniform flow, so you don't over-apply or waste product. Also great for dusting plants and other insect problems around the home and garden. This duster holds about 400ml at maximum. Ideal use amount is 300ml.

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