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Black Bulb Insecticidal Duster

Great for dusting plants and other insect problems around the home and garden. Will allow you to apply dust into crevices and other hard to reach places with accuracy and uniform flow and help avoid waste.

Black Bulb Insecticidal Duster.

A multipurpose duster that's ideal for dusting garden plants and trees or for applying dust to treat insect pests around the home.

This professional insecticidal duster allows you to apply dust into cracks, crevices and holes etc with accuracy and uniform flow, so you don't over apply or waste product.

Also great for dusting plants and other insect problems around the home and garden.

This duster holds about 400ml at maximum. Ideal use amount is 300ml.

This duster features a unique interior design which does a great job of keeping the dust flowing well regardless of how you tilt the bulb when dusting.

This item includes:

  • 1 x Bulb Base with screw on top, plastic cap and metal clip for hanging duster when not in use.
  • 1 x Funnel to add the powder to the bulb with minimum spillage.
  • 2 x Removable Nozzles 18.5cm long for better dusting reach. Each nozzle is made up of 3 connectable parts.
  • 2 x Removable Small Curved Nozzles can be added to the end of the long nozzle to help reach around corners

Disclaimer: Please follow all directions on pesticide packaging and seek professional advice before using any insecticides.

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