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Sulphur Dust Powder

Super Per Kilo Price! Sulphur dust powder is popular with many gardeners as an economic alternative to expensive pre-packaged vegetable dusts or to lower the PH level in soil. Renown as an excellent fungicide but it also has some insecticide properties.

Sulphur Dust Powder 1 kg Bag (99.9% Pure) Super Per Kilo Price!

  • Convenient duster/applicator also now available, see below!
  • Volume discount is an online-only special!

Sulphur dust powder is popular with many gardeners as an economical alternative to expensive pre-packaged vegetable and tomato dusts as a pesticide and fungicide. It is also popular as a way to lower soil PH. Sulphur dust is normally applied in the same way as other vegetable dusts are, but it can also be mixed with water but this is not ideal since this form of sulphur is not very water soluble.

Sulphur is renown as an excellent fungicide but also has some insecticidal properties. Other popular uses for sulphur include mite control for chooks, internal parasites in certain animals and for skin ailments in dogs.

According to this dog breeders website, sulphur powder when mixed in a certain way with oil can treat various skin problems in dogs like, mange, flea bites, non-specific dermatitis, itchy skin, ant bites, and infected wounds. See link above for more information.

Disclaimer: This item is re-packed into a clear bag. Multiple items/kilos will be put into one bag.


The following specifications are the latest revision (as at 29 Apr 2016) and supersedes all previous specifications for this product code.
Chemical & Physical Characteristics:
Description                         Unit      Typical       Guaranteed     Method
Free Sulfur                           %        99.9           Min 99.9       MCCI-TP-5400
Ash                                      %        0.01            Max 0.1       MCCI-TP-5801
Moisture                               %        0.01           Max 0.05      MCCI-TP-4933
H2SO4 matter                      %       0.001          Max 0.005    MCCI-TP-4007
Melting Point                      deg C    119.0       114.0 - 122.0  MCCI-TP-1353
Insoluble matter in CS2        %     Max 0.2     to be reported   MCCI-TP-5701
Residue - 100 mesh             %         0.01            Max 0.02      MCCI-TP-1400
Residue - 200 mesh             %         0.68            Max 1.0        MCCI-TP-1400
Residue - 325 mesh             %         8.25            Max 10.0      MCCI-TP-1400

Frequently asked Questions:

Q. Is this Sulphur powder feed grade and is it suitable as an animal supplement?

A. After calling the manufacturer of this product I was told that this sulphur powder is indeed feed grade and suitable as an animal supplement for various animals.

Q. In what country is this Sulphur powder made?

A. On the label of the current stock we have it says made in Turkey (01/03/21)

Q. Is this the same product as "Flowers of Sulphur"?

A. Ive looked extensively online and from my research, it seems that Flower of Sulphur and Sulphur Powder are essentially the same thing. People in the UK and US sometimes use the term flowers of sulphur but in Australia its simply called Sulphur powder.

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