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Australian Organic Diatomaceous Earth 4.5kg

See disclaimer and Safety Note about Australian registered uses before use.

Diatomaceous Earth is an organic diatom powder that is popular as a high silica mineral supplement for horses, poultry, dogs, cats and other pets. Diatomaceous Earth is very multi-purpose and is also popular as mite dust for animals and as organic insecticide in the garden.

Australian Organic Diatomaceous Earth (Super Fine)

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) benefits for Livestock, Farming, Gardens, and Home.

Diatomaceous Earth is a natural and organic product used for many different purposes and applications such as Animal Health (parasite and fly control), Livestock feed supplement (improve weight gain), Poultry (odour, internal and external parasite control), Insecticides (soil and foliar), Soil amendments (increases overall plant health), Soil conditioner (drought and salt tolerance), Oil and Spill Absorption and Construction (firewalls and building bricks). Due to its very fine powder content it controls insects such as weevils, beetles, moths, and borers in silos and bags.

However, this product is not registered in Australia for the uses listed above. See the disclaimer below for more information before purchase. For easy and effective application consider using this dust in conjunction with the Professional Insecticidal Duster and the instructional book called "Going Green Using Diatomaceous Earth" listed below.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) or Amorphous Silica is the fossilized remains of Diatoms (a prehistoric phytoplankton). Diatoms extract silica from the water to survive and when they die, they sink to the bottom of waterways leaving behind their silica-rich skeletons. Our DE isn’t commercially heat-treated rather naturally dried to keep full integrity of the diatoms.

International Uses: Internationally, Diatomaceous Earth has a wide range of uses in organic agriculture and household pest control and is included in products which are registered, marketed and certified for the control of cockroaches, silverfish, ants, fleas, flies, ticks, lice, earwigs, aphids, whitefly, beetles, loopers, mites, snails, slugs, leaf hoppers. Diatomaceous Earth is also popular as an animal and equine supplement.

Disclaimer & Australian Registered Uses: Please note that Diatomaceous Earth is not registered in Australia for many of the international and other uses listed above. In Australia, its range of registered uses is very limited. This brand in particular is not registered for any specific uses in Australia.

Safety Note: All care should be taken when applying DE Dust. The dust particles could irritate lungs and long-term use if constantly inhaling could cause potential damage. Additionally, protect skin as DE is particularly drying and may affect sensitive skins. Use standard protection as you would when using any insecticide, even though DE is not known to be toxic.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is this Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade?

A. According to the company that produces this DE on behalf of Enfield Produce " This product itself is food grade but we are not promoting it as food-grade due to the fact it is not TGA approved and TGA approval is very expensive"

Q. How many microns is the Diatomaceous Earth?

A. This DE is 200 microns in grade.

GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT DIATOMACEOUS EARTH- Below is some general information about Diatomaceous Earth provided by the company that produces this DE on behalf of Enfield Produce. However, we don't guarantee any of these claims below or claim they apply to the DE product we sell. This information is generally what's believed about Diatomaceous Earth. 

How DE works for Livestock:

It is thought that DE works in ways similar to holistic medicine, benefiting the entire animal. It is believed that the structure of the DE stimulates the digestion and aids in improving feed conversion and absorption of nutrients, essential elements and trace elements. In short, the animal can gain more of the available nutrients from the feed you are feeding them, therefore, it makes economic sense to use DE as a regular addition to your feeding routine.

Studies show a general to significant improvement in the following areas:

  • Optimizes animal health.

  • Control of internal parasites (will not control heart or lungworm) and external parasites.

  • Reduced odours – particularly noticeable where intensive farming practices are in use.

  • Controls flies, ticks, fleas, buffalo fly on the animal, in pasture and around pens.

  • Reduces infant mortality.

  • General improvement in wellbeing.

  • Greater resistance to disease and parasites.

  • Improved appetites in picky eaters.

  • Healthier appearance / Improves growth and development.

  • DE will also provide the animal with calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, and sulphur.

In addition to the above improvements and in relation to specific animals:

 Feed Supplement for Livestock and Pets:

The following rates are only a suggestion as livestock and pets vary due to the difference in farming procedures and animal size. 

          Animal                                                    Initial Rate                                                          Ongoing

Beef and Dairy Cattle             2-5% of molasses or dry feed volume for 90 days.                 2% of feed after initial rate.

Horse and Donkeys                1 cup of dry feed per day.                                                    As per initial rate.

Pigs, Goats, Sheep                 10% of daily dry feed for 90 days.                                        5% of feed after initial rate.

Chickens and Ducks                5% of dry feed per day.                                                      As per initial rate.

Large/Medium Dogs                1-2 heaped tablespoons per day.                                         As per initial rate

Small Dogs and Cats               As per initial rate                                                                As per initial rate

External uses of DE for Livestock:

Use as a dust or a spray to control external parasites. To use as a spray, mix 250 grams with 4 litres of water and spray livestock. Also spray and dust around living areas and bedding. Screen mixture before use.

DE as an Insecticide and Pesticide:

DE is an organic pesticide, insecticide and fungicide. DE offers protection against disease, fungi, nematode and insect attack but without the negative and often toxic effects sometimes associated with manufactured chemical products. ​

DE powder suitable for the control of insect pests around the farm, home, office, factory or warehouse, in fact anywhere insects are a problem. It is so effective that any insect that encounters DE will die in 48 hours or less. It is the formation of the actual Diatoms themselves that are fatal to insect pests rather that it’s chemical composition (as DE is totally non-toxic). The sharp edges of the Diatoms cut the insects exoskeleton and draws moisture from inside the insects – this is call Desiccation (dehydration). DE is not a knockdown because it is not a poison, but it does achieve the desired results and is used extensively in the USA and Europe as a method of pest control for many years and is now readily available in Australia.

Indoor Home Use Apply a thin layer of dust in any area where pests are found, under skirting boards, sinks, kitchen cabinets, behind and underneath fridges and stoves, laundries. ​

Outdoor Home and Garden Use:

Apply liberally around garbage bins, windows and doors, entrance points, garage, sheds and workshops, gardens, fruit trees, veggie patches, pets, pet housing and bedding for the control of common pests in and around the house and garden. 

Insect pests controlled include: All Ants, Caterpillars, Cutworms, Armyworms, Fleas and Ticks, Bedbugs and Carpet Beetles, Centipedes, Cockroaches, Potato Beetles, Crickets and Earwigs, House flies, Millipede and Mites. Scorpions, Silverfish and Spiders, Scorpions, Slugs and Snails, Lice, Fruit flies and Vinegar Flies, Aphids and Weevils, 12 spotted Cucumber beetle, Green Veggie Bug, Corn Ear worm and Corn Borer, Harlequin Bugs, Leaf Miners and Loppers, Squash Vine Borers, Thrips and White Flies, Peach borer and Pecan Weevil, and Grey Back Cane Grub.

​Application Rates:

  • Dust: As a dry powder until the area is lightly coated with DE.

  • Spray: Mix 500 grams to 5 litres of water, keep it agitated and spray the area you want to protect but remember that DE works best when dry. Screen before use.

  • As a barrier: Apply DE in a 10 cm border around the property to be protected. This is particularly important when controlling fire ants and termites.

Remember that the insect must be in contact with the DE for it to be effective. If you spray the DE directly onto the insect the DE must first dry before it begins to take effect. ​So, while you may not get an instant result as you would with a knockdown spray the benefit if using a product that in natural and organic, safe for you, your family and the environment, makes it all worthwhile.

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Important Safety Disclaimer: All care should be taken when applying DE Dust. The dust particles could irritate lungs and long-term use if constantly inhaling could cause potential damage. Additionally, protect skin as DE is particularly drying and may affect sensitive skins. Use standard protection as you would when using any insecticide, although DE is nontoxic.

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