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Isa Brown Chickens for Sale Sydney

For all inquiries regarding Chickens please call our Enfield store 02 97475713. Please do NOT use the live chat support for such inquiries.


Chickens for Sale - Isa brown chickens are renown egg layers who apparently have the world record for the most eggs laid by a chook in one year. Isa brown hens are also quite a placid breed well suited to young children.

Chickens for Sale Sydney - Isa Brown Chickens / Hens

Price: Our prices are very competitive but do vary from batch to batch. Please call store to confirm current price.

Availability: Please call our Sydney store on 02 97475713 to confirm availability. Please do NOT email us regarding availability as emails are answered from a different location.

How to Buy: All our chickens are in-store pick only, ie no delivery is available.

Store Address: 56 Coronation Pde, Enfield NSW. (near Strathfield)

Isa Brown Chickens are renown egg layers who apparently have the world record for the most eggs laid by a chook in one year. Isa brown hens are also quite a placid breed suited to young children.

Ideal For: Those who would like fresh and healthy eggs every day. Isa brown chickens have a calm temperament, so often make good family pets.

Age: Normally between 18 to 22 weeks old. With most chickens laying their first egg at 22 weeks of age so you wont have to wait long for eggs.

Note: We aim to always have stock of chickens but due to high demand there are times when we run out for a few days. To avoid disappointment please call in advance to check if we have hens in stock.

Vaccination: Yes our Isa Brown Hens are fully vaccinated. They are also wormed by our supplier before we receive them.

Other Chickens for Sale: Australorp Chickens, White Leghorn Chickens, Baby Isa Brown Chickens. Ducks also available.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Out of the 3 breeds of chickens you sell (Isa Brown, Leghorns & Australorps) which breed do you recommend as a backyard layer and pet?

A. All three chicken breeds that we sell including the White Leghorns, Black Australorps & Isa-Browns have been selected specifically because they are good egg layers, but if you want the best egg layers its best to go with the Isa Browns. With regards to other considerations like temperament etc, the 3 breeds are very similar and you are more likely to find more significant differences between individual birds then between the breeds of these chickens.

Q. Are your Isa-brown hens de-beaked, ie had their beaks trimmed?

A. No, since many of customers prefer their chickens with un-trimmed beaks we only stock chickens with full beaks. Some poultry suppliers do this to prevent their poultry from pecking each other. The birds beaks do grow back ofcoarse, but it can make it difficult for trimmed birds to forage and eat larger grains until their beaks grow back. Note - This is not a guarantee that our poultry will always have un-trimmed beaks, but we always do our very best to source such poultry. 

Q. Are your Isa Brown hens pure breeds? 

A. Yes they are pure breeds and bred for egg laying.

Q. My hen have a blue tinge on their comb, is this something to worry about?

A. A blue tinge on your hens comb is very likely a sign of loss of condition, but its hard to say if the loss of condition is the result of an underlining illness or just a loss of condition due to other reasons like cold weather, worms, stress, poor diet, etc. If the bird is showing other signs of unwellness like loss of appetite, lethargy etc its best to seek treatment for your bird. Firstly make sure your bird is wormed, to rule out worms as the cause and then either administer an antibiotic or take them to a vet.

If the hen is otherwise perfectly well except for the blue tinge its likely that the bluish tinge is just due to a temporary loss of condition and can usually be overcome with some extra care for your hen. (but ultimately its up to you, if you are concerned its best to see a vet)

While providing this extra care, its important to monitor them carefully for any signs of bad heath and seek professional care if there are any other symptoms. Make sure they are wormed, and getting a quality feed and consider supplements like garlic and apple cider, liquid kelp, multi-vitamins, mealworms etc. Also make sure the your coop provides plenty of shelter from draft and rain.

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