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Baby Isa Brown Chickens for Sale Sydney

For all inquiries regarding Chickens please call our Enfield store 02 97475713. Please do NOT use the live chat support for such inquiries.


Our Isa brown baby chicks / chickens are normally between 1 and 7 days old and are quite a placid breed and well suited to young children. They they are renown as excellent egg layers.

Chickens for Sale Sydney - Isa Brown Baby Chicks.

Availability: To be sure of price and availability please call the Enfield Store on 97475713 before arriving in-store. Please do NOT email us regarding availability, as these emails are answered from a different location from the store.

How to Buy: All our poultry are in-store pick up and purchase only. No delivery available.

Price: Our prices are very competitive but do vary from batch to batch. Please call the store to confirm current price.

Age: Our Isa brown baby chicks are normally between 1 and 14 days old.

3 Breeds of Laying Hens also Available! See Below.

Store Address: 56 Coronation Pde, Enfield NSW. (near Strathfield) 02 97475713

Bulk Purchases: If you intend to purchase more than 10 baby chickens or roosters please pre-order them BEFORE arriving in-store. In order to help prevent others missing out we reserve the right to ration or deny bulk purchases especially when stock is running low.

About: Isa Brown Chickens are renown egg layers who have the world record for the most eggs laid by a chook in one year. Isa browns are also quite a placid breed and well suited to young children.

Ideal for those who would like a family pet that will grow up to lay fresh eggs. Heating for the first 3-4 weeks of the chicks life is essential for most of the year.

Sex Selections: Is it a hen or rooster?

We buy our hens and roosters separately from our suppliers (at a premium) so that you can buy with confidence that in 6 months time you will have fresh eggs and not a crowing rooster. Though we can't guarantee the sex of your bird (because the sexing procedure of hatcheries is not perfect) you can be sure that we are selling our birds as hens in good faith.

It is not unknown for some outlets to buy mixed sex chicks cheaply and then sell them all as hens. So you end up on average with half roosters and half hens. We have been selling poultry for many years and have an excellent success rate when it comes to hens.

Chick Temperature Control:

Baby chicks up until about 3- 4 weeks of age cannot generate their own body heat so require an artificial heat source like a heat lamp or globe lamp to help maintain body heat. During hot weather conditions the heating should be reduced or stopped. This needs to be monitored so that the chicks are kept at around 26 to 29 degrees. Please see the staff in-store on how to keep you baby chicks warm.

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