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Black Australorp Chickens for Sale Sydney

For all inquiries regarding Chickens please call our Enfield store 02 97475713. Please do NOT use the live chat support for such inquiries.


Chickens for Sale - Australorps are normally around 17 weeks of age, but age does vary. Australorps can take longer to begin laying eggs at about 26 to 28 weeks compared to the quicker Isa Brown's at 22 weeks.

Chickens for Sale Sydney - Black Australorp Chickens

Price: Our prices are very competitive but do vary from batch to batch. Please call store to confirm current price.

Availability: Please call our Sydney store on 02 97475713 to confirm availability before arriving in-store. Please do NOT email regarding availabilty as these emails are not answered from the store.

How to Buy: All our live pets including chickens are in-store pick only, from our Sydney store. So there is no home delivery for our poultry.

Store Address: 56 Coronation Pde, Enfield NSW. (near Strathfield)

Australorp chickens make great pets and egg layers and are black in colour.

Our Australorps are normally around 17 weeks of age, but age does vary.

Australorp Chickens take longer to begin laying eggs then our popular Isa Brown Breed. Australorp normally begin laying eggs at about 26 to 28 weeks old, where as Isa brown chooks begin at 22 weeks.

If you cant wait for your chooks to start laying its probably best to stick with the Isa Browns.

Vaccination: Yes our Black Australorp Hens are fully vaccinated.

Other Chickens for Sale: White leg horn Chickens, Isa Brown Chickens, Baby Isa Brown Chickens. Ducks also available

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Out of the chicken breeds you sell (Isa Brown, Leghorns & Australorps) which breed do you recommend as a backyard layer and pet?

A. All three chicken breeds that we sell including the White Leghorns, Black Australorps & Isa-Browns have been selected because they are good egg layers, but if you want the best egg layers its best to go with the Isa Browns. With regards to other considerations, like suitability as a pet, the 3 breeds are very similar and you are more likely to find more significant differences between individual birds then between the breeds of these chickens.

Q. Are your Australorp hens de-beaked, ie had there beaks trimmed?

A. No, since many of customers prefer their chickens with un-trimmed beaks we only stock chickens with full beaks. Some poultry suppliers do this to prevent their poultry from pecking each other. The birds beaks do grow back ofcoarse, but it can make it difficult for trimmed birds to forage and eat larger grains until their beaks grow back. Note - This is not a guarantee that our poultry will always have un-trimmed beaks, but we always do our very best to source such poultry.

Q. I recently bought a White Leghorn and Black Australorp but they dont seem to meet the club standards that ive read online?

A. The club standards you are referring to relate to breeding poultry breeds for show competition. The birds we sell are egg laying stock and are not showbirds. Unless you are looking to compete in show competition these club standards are not relevant to you. Please note that these standards are only cosmetic and do not relate to the health of the bird.

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