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Osmocote Pro Low P (8 to 9 months) 25kg Bag View larger


Osmocote Pro Low P (12 to 14 months) 25kg Bag


Osmocote Pro Low P has a pre-defined longevity and can be used in specific low phosphor situations and phosphorus sensitive crops. NPK ratio N14 - P1.3 - K14.9 + 1.8Mg + Trace elements.

Osmocote Pro Low P (12 to 14 months) 25kg Bag.

Osmocote Pro Low P is a 2nd generation controlled release fertilizer with a specific NPK ratio. The granules are fully coated and contain NPK (contains 3% P2O5, which cannot be claimed on European labels), magnesium and all necessary trace elements. Osmocote Pro Low P has a pre-defined longevity and can be used in specific low phosphor situations and phosphorus sensitive crops.

NPK = N14 - P1.3 - K14.9 + 1.8Mg + Trace elements.

  • Low P content for low phosphor demanding crops/cultivations (3% P2O5)
  • Full trace element package, elevated level of trace elements.
  • 100% coated NPK, Mg and trace elements, plants are supplied with required nutrients during the whole crop cycle.
  • Good value for money.
  • Safe and reliable.
  • Easy to use.

Directions for Use:

Osmocote Pro has a very regular release pattern due to the unique ICL Specialty Fertilizers resin coating technology. Osmocote Pro is ideal in combination with water-soluble fertilizer. In this case, the mentioned application rates on the next page should be lowered depending on the amount of water-soluble fertilizer applied.

The longevity of Osmocote Pro low P12-14M is affected by temperature. (Product longevity is determined at 21º C)

16 ºC

21 ºC

26 ºC

15-17 M

12-14 M

9-11 M

Application Rates:




Normal feeding

Heavy feeding

Container Nursery Stock

3-4 g/l

4-5 g/l

5-6 g/l

Disclaimer: The above mentioned recommended rates are based on unfertilized substrates. Please be aware that these are general recommendations. Specific situations such as use in tunnels, green-houses, or specific climate conditions require adjustments. This product is not recommended for dibbling and/or winter pottings. 

Trial first on a small scale before rate, application or other changes in your cultural practices are implemented. As circumstances can differ and as the application of our products is beyond our control, ICL Specialty Fertilizers cannot be made responsible for any negative results.


14%     TOTAL NITROGEN (N) 5.8% as nitric nitrogen; 6.4% as ammoniacal nitrogen.

1.3%    PHOSPHORUS (P)

            Soluble in neutral ammonium citrate and in water.

            1.0% P water soluble, 1.3% P citrate soluble.

14.9%   POTASSIUM (K)

            14.4% AS sulphate; 0.4% as chloride; 0.1% as phosphate.


            1.2% as oxide; 0.6% as sulphate.

+ Copper, Iron.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Have you got application rates for home gardens as the packaging only mentions commercial rates.

A. After calling the manufacturer I was advised the following 2 suggested application methods:

1. For lots of smaller shrubs and trees, you can apply 80 grams per square metre.


2. For single trees apply 20g per 30 cm of tree height. Best to apply fertilizer along the drip line of the trees.

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