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Troforte M Native TABLETS 10kg


DISCONTINUED BY THE MANUFACTURER. PLEASE CONSIDER GENERAL PURPOSE TABLETS BELOW (IT'S ALSO SUITABLE FOR NATIVES) Troforte Planting tablets are an excellent way to apply microbe-based natural mineral fertilisers at planting time when you are landscaping. It’s a fast way to apply an exact measured dose of fertiliser.

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By using this product you will bring a healthy natural microbe population back to your soils. It will also encourage healthy earthworm populations to flourish. When earthworms flourish, your soils can absorb more water, as drainage and aeration channels are an essential component of a healthy soil structure.

Root systems are greatly enhanced and therefore drought tolerance is greatly improved. Some of the microbes target and kill harmful soil diseases like Pithium, so your new plantings will have a far greater survival rate.10 kg cartons containing approximately 1000 x 10 gram tablets.

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