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Organic Chick Starter MASH

Is a certified organic feed ration specially formulated for young chicks and growing hens and is free from all forms of medication that may be found in other starter feeds. Ideal for chicks up to the point of lay.

Organic Chick Starter Mash (Certified to AS600 by Australian Certified Organic 10607)

Country Heritage Feeds Chicken Starter Grower is a broad spectrum ration specially formulated for young chicks and growing hens. Formulated using certified organic grains and protein meals; the Chicken Starter Grower is free from all forms of medication that may be found in other starter feeds.

Size Guide: 

 1-19kg     Organic Chick Starter     Re-packed in a clear bag.

 20 kg       Organic Chick Starter     Comes in original packaging.

Meat Birds: The Chicken Starter Grower is equally diverse when feeding meat birds, once again avoiding the need to swap to a grower ration during the growth cycle allowing it to be fed until slaughter (Approx 10 weeks).

Laying Hens: Unlike other starter feeds, the uniquely diverse nature of this ration negates the need to change diets from a starter to a grower (pullet grower) part way through the growing cycle. This avoids waste and the expense of a separate feed allowing it to be given to day old chicks through to point of lay hens (18 to 20 weeks approx). It is important to ensure your chicks have free access to feed and water and protected from any harsh environmental conditions. Keeping warm with a specific heater lamp is essential during colder months. It is also advisable to begin to blend the chick starter grower with your preferred Country heritage Feeds Layer ration at 16 weeks of age; this will provide the extra calcium to assist with egg production.

Ducks: Likewise the Chicken Starter Grower is suited to both meat and laying ducks from day olds through to point of lay or slaughter.

Organic Chick Starter Mash: Main Features, Analysis, Feed Start Time

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Should I buy chick starter crumble or chick starter mash?

A. Generally speaking, there is no significant difference between a mash or crumble. Both are popular for feeding baby chicks. Our Country Heritage chick starter mash is also organic and is non-medicated but apart from that they are similar nutritionally.

Q. I have a flock of mixed age birds. Some are coming up to laying whilst others are only 8-10 weeks. Is this a feed which I can continue to give to my layers as well as the young chicks?

A. Yes this feed can be given to all ages of poultry since it's non-medicated and wont affect any eggs laid.

Q. Is there anything missing from this feed which my layers would need to thrive for the next few weeks till I can switch everyone to a layer feed?

A. This chick starter is a complete feed so that no other supplements are needed. However, after about 15 weeks of age you can start giving them some greens, vegetables, calgrit or shell grit to add some variety to their diet.

Q. Does this feed contain any soy or GMO's?

A. According to the manufacturer, this chick starter does contain soy but does not contain any GMO's. Furthermore, our supplier is willing to produce some soy free chick starter on request but it will require a 1000 kg minimum. Email us if you are interested in a quote 

Q. Just confirming that your Organic Chick Starter Mash is 100% unmedicated? Will be used for ducklings, and have read that medicated feed is potentially toxic for ducks.

A. After contacting the manufacturer I can confirm that this product is 100% unmedicated. It is also mentioned in the product description but I thought I would double check with the manufacturer to be sure.

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