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Meat Bird (Turkey Starter) Crumble (Vella)

Suitable for young Turkeys, Broilers, Fowl, Quail, Pheasants and other meat birds.

Vella Meat Bird Starter Crumble is suitable for multiple species of stock including Turkeys, Broilers, Fowl, Quail and Pheasants.

Main Features:

High-Quality Proteins - No urea, all protein in the form of true proteins sources.

Coccidiostat - Regano, a natural herbal coccidiostat used, no withholding period for meat and or egg consumption. Also suitable for ducks to consume.

Energy - To assist with growth.

Trace Mineral Premix - To assist in maintaining nutritional balance and health.

Meat Bird Starter has been formulated to suit:

Poultry (day old to 6 - 8 weeks)

Broilers (day old to 4 - 5 weeks)

Game Birds (Quail, Guinea Fowl & Pheasants, day old to 4 - 6 weeks of age)

Typical AnalysisAs Fed Dry Matter
Energy KCAL /Kg28163200
Protein (%)22.8826.00
Calcium (%)0.881.00
Phosphorus (%)0.881.00
Fibre (%)4.575.20
Fat (%)6.607.50

General Information:

  • A complete commercial crumble (diet) providing all requirements for young growing stock.
  • The diet should be fed ad-lib to all birds.
  • A natural herbal (Regano) coccidiostat has been added to assist in the control of coccidiosis.
  • Fresh, clean water to be accessible at all times.
  • To assist young stock in the first few days of life, change feed regularly.
  • Feed intakes will vary at times, due to climate, bird health / stress and general housing and access to feeders.
  • Meat Bird is designed for the domestic grower, individual special commercial diets available in bulk.

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Great stuff for raising quails!
It's on the lower end for protein for quail chicks at 22%, but it works great and is perfect for adult quails too, so I don't have to buy different feeds.
I just offer them grit/cuttlebone or crushed egg shells for calcium.

I always buy this from Enfield as they do a good price even with shipping and they are always so friendly and helpful in store!

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