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Egg Incubator, Fits 18 Poultry Eggs, Fully Automatic (JN18)


A fully automatic & compact incubator suitable for 18 poultry eggs or more smaller eggs. Comes with a transparent sidewall for viewing hatching chicks. Flexible egg racks suitable for different sizes of eggs.

# Free demonstration and lesson available on how to operate your new incubator at our Sydney store (with incubator purchase only)

Fully Automatic 18 Egg Incubator - Fits at least 18 Poultry Eggs (EP-JN18S)

Main Features:

  • 6-month warranty (see conditions below)
  • Automatic egg turning, turns eggs every 2 hours.
  • Temperature display, day counter display.
  • Air fan for even air temperature.
  • Transparent wall for easy for observation.
  • Includes automatic water adding bottle 320ml.
  • With adjustable egg tray dividers, suitable for eggs of different size.
  • Made of quality new PP material and PC material, easy to clean.
  • New updated design, more accurate and steady.
  • Suitable for hatching almost all kinds of eggs, from small birds eggs to reptiles eggs to large goose eggs.
  • EU standard, CE approval.


  • Product overall size dimensions approx: 41x29.5x17.5cm  
  • The interior space from brood tray to lid approx: 38.5x27.5x10cm
  • The interior sizes of egg tray approx: 25.5x21cm.
  • Packing sizes: 42.5x31x15cm 
  • Net weight: 2kgs,Gross weight:2.5kgs.
  • Egg capacity: 18 chicken eggs. Will fit more than 18 for smaller eggs and less for bigger eggs.
  • Temperature range:  From air/room temperature to 40 degree. Default setting at 38 degrees.
  • Voltage: 220~240V
  • Frequency:50~60HZ
  • Power:<70W

Warranty Conditions:

This incubator comes with a 6-month warranty. If your incubator is not working properly within 6 months from the date of purchase we will either replace it with a new incubator or refund you for the cost of the item excluding freight costs. Freight costs are not refundable. Before any warranty claim, we also expect the customer's help to troubleshoot the product to help rule out temporary issues or user error that could be overcome without requiring a replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q. Do I need a rooster to hatch fertile eggs?

A. Yes, you will need a rooster together with your hens otherwise the eggs will NOT be fertile and will therefore not be hatchable in an incubator or otherwise. These eggs are only good to eat.

Q. What is the temperature range of this incubator?

A. According to the manufacturer, this incubator has a temperature range of room temperature to 40 degrees.

Q. Is this incubator suitable for Quail, Bantam Chicken & Guineafowl eggs?

A. Yes. It is also suitable for Quail and most other types of poultry eggs.

Q. Does this incubator have the option so that the eggs are NOT rotated? The reptile eggs I have are not supposed to be rolled or rotated.

A. This incubator uses an egg holding tray to rotate the eggs. If you have eggs that you do NOT want rotated simply remove the egg holding tray and use incubator without this tray.

Q. Is incubator suitable for Budgies, Princess, Eclectus and Corella eggs?

A. Yes, this incubator would be suitable for all these eggs.

Q.  If one were to remove the tray, would this incubator also be suitable for housing young chicks or keeping sick/injured birds warm?

A.  After speaking to someone at our Enfield store I was told that it would most likely be ok though they haven't tried it themselves. Also, you would need to keep the temperature of the incubator lower than for egg hatching at about 30 to 32 degrees. Ideally, it's suggested to buy a brooder for housing chicks after they are hatched. See below.

Q. What is the temperature range for this incubator?

A. The temperature range for this incubator is from current air/room temperature to 40 degrees.

Q. How can you adjust the humidity as the humidity needs to higher in the hatching period?

A. The humidity is increased by adding water. This incubator comes with a water reservoir which makes adding more water easier. There is no button that increases/decreases the humidity as such. 

# Buy local and buy with confidence that if you have any problems under warranty, you can easily return your incubator or seek support.

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