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Pet One Vet Carrier

Volume Discounts Available! An excellent pet carrier for cats, small dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs etc. Popular with rabbit shows. Comes in Black or Blue. Must select preferred colour or random selected.

Pet One Vet Carrier (Carry Cage Wire Top)

Suitable For: Small to Medium Cats, Very Small Dogs, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs etc.

Popular for Rabbit Shows!

Important notes about selecting a colour: This carrier comes with either a blue base and black wire OR black base and black wire. Please mention you prefered colour option or a random colour option will be selected. A box of six comes with half blue and half black by default.

Main Features:

  • Solid roof top spring loaded lock.
  • Whole roof swings open from top for easy access.
  • Top wire frame fits very firmly into base so that it feels very solid.

Image slightly different then product: The main image of this item is an older image that shows springs at the top of the carrier. These are not present in the current model for sale, see alternative images with blue base to see what i mean.

Dimensions (approx) (cm): 43.5 L x 32 W x 34.5 H (height excludes handle and lock on roof)

Bar Spacing = 2cm. Corner Space = 2.3cm. Base Height = 12cm.

Q.  How does the top frame attach to the base and is it secure?

A.  After calling the manufacturer i was told the following. The wire frame has pins that are pushed into the holes of the base. Once the pins are inserted the pins should be bent with pliers to hold them in place. If the pins are bent properly then the connection between the frame and base will be secure.

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Very good quality. Ordered 26 which all assembled nicely and made of sturdy materials. A couple had slightly bent latch’s making it tricky to close however that’s easily fixable with the pliers.

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