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Airline Approved Pet Carriers

A pet travel carrier/crate with an easy to open metal door. Simply squeeze 2 levers together to open. Lightweight and easy to carry. Meets stringent IATA regulations * Made in Australia. PLEASE READ DISCLAIMER IN RED BELOW CAREFULLY BEFORE ORDERING. THERE ARE NO RETURNS OR REFUNDS FOR THIS ITEM.

Airline Approved Pet Carriers. (Pet Travel Crates) We now have the full range (all 8 sizes) and great prices on the whole range. Save even more and save on freight with multi-carrier packs.

This Airline Approved Carrier is designed to meet the standards of IATA (International Air Transport Association) for transporting live animals and has international airline approval (see disclaimer below). These crates have been extensively evaluated and approval has been obtained by the manufacturer for use on Australia’s National Carrier-Qantas. Cages are made from quality durable 3 mm injected moulded plastic. This makes cleaning of the carrier easier, removes quarantine concerns that arise from wood cages when used for international travel, minimises disease transfer from cages not properly cleaned, reduces overall weight and is considered durable enough for reuse. Cages come in two halves, making long-term storage easier. Metal screws and nuts are used to join top and bottom halves. Plastic screws can break and come apart. Many airlines and transport companies will not accept cages with plastics clips or screws.

Main Features:

  • New Design, preferred by more airlines than the older style carriers.
  • Grill door is of high quality and strength.
  • Easy to open. Simply squeeze 2 levers together.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Meets stringent IATA regulations* 
  • Made in Australia.
  • Each carrier includes: 1 x funnel, 1 feed/water cup, bolts and nuts to secure the 2 halves of the carrier together.
  • All sizes (excluding the PP60N, PP90 & PP100) include a removable raised floor to keep your pet above and away from any urine spills.

* See disclaimer below.

Notes, Hints & Tips:

  • The length of your pet (L) must be taken from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail. The height of your pet (H) is from the top of the head to the ground. If your pet has ears that are erect (Eg German Shepherd), you need to measure from the tips of ears to ground (especially when entering the UK). Both measurements must be taken when your pet is standing erect.
  • Add 5 cm to both measurement (L) and (H) and that is the length and height your pet's travel crate needs to be.

Size Guide: (Approximate figures only)

Code Size External Dimensions (cm)  Weight   Colour
PP10 Extra Small 49 L x 33 Wx 33 H   Blue & White
PP20 Small 53 L x 37 W x 37 H   Blue & White
PP30 Medium 62 L x 41 W x 45 H   Blue & White
PP40 Large 73 L x 45 W x 53 H                   6.1kg   Blue & White
PP50 Extra Large 82 L x 56 W x 62 H   Blue & White
PP60 XXL 95 L x 61 W x 75 H   Blue & White
PP60N    XXL Low Height 99 L x 61 W x 68 H   Blue & White
PP70 XXXL 115 L x 60 W x 80 H   Blue & White  OR Grey (colour may vary)
PP80 (H) 4XL 115 L x 60 W x 90 H   Blue & White OR Grey (colour may vary)
PP90 5XL 131 L x 77 W x 85 H       Orange & Blue
PP100 6XL 131 L x 77 W x 97 H   Orange & Blue


  • For PP80, PP90 & PP100 sizes please check with your airline to be sure that these crates will fit through the planes cargo door. Ask them for the dimensions of their cargo door & compare it to the dimensions of this crate to check that it fits.
  • The PP70 and PP80 may be grey in colour OR blue and white. Scroll all photos to see grey colour. We have no control over what colour we are sent from the supplier and will send whatever colour we have in stock.
  • The PP90 and PP100 are Orange & Blue in Colour
  • The PP60N, PP90 and PP100 do NOT include a raised floor like the other sizes. 
  • All carrier measurements on this page are just estimates.
  • These carriers are not guaranteed to meet the requirements of every airline as these regulations can change over time and some airlines may have their own specific requirements.
  • There are no returns or refunds on this item. Please choose carefully. We may allow a change of size but only at our discretion.

Airline Approved Carriers - Included Parts

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q. Just wondering if these pet crates/carriers have metal fasteners rather than plastic?

A. Each fastener includes a bolt with a metal thread and a hard plastic head. Each bolt also comes with a hard plastic nut. See additional image photos to see for yourself.

Q. Will this PP-50 (extra large) carrier be big enough for a labrador?

A. It's best to measure your dog, both the length (nose to backside) and height (floor to top of head) and then compare them with the internal length and height measurements listed in the "more info" tab. Ideally, you should have about 5 cm space at each end of the carrier and the dog should be able to stand upright without touching the top of the carrier. However, for larger dogs, it can often be very difficult and very expensive to find carriers this big. So it might be wise to settle for a carrier that the dog can only crouch in but NOT stand upright in. If you do go for such a carrier be sure to get a carrier that is at least up to the shoulder height (or higher) of your dog when inside.

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