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Debco Seed & Cutting Mix 25 Litre


Debco Seed and Cutting Mix has been professionally formulated to provide a light, loosely textured medium ideally suited for effective seed germination and and the propagation of cuttings.

Nurture your seeds with Debco Seed & Cutting Mix

Debco Seed & Cutting Mix has been professionally formulated to provide a light, loosely textured medium ideally suited for effective seed germination and the propagation of cuttings.

It contains a balanced mixture of ingredients designed and tested to give the ideal ratio of moisture retention, soil aeration and drainage. When packed it is moist and thoroughly mixed ready for use. Should it become dry and the ingredients separated, moisten gently and mix by hand.


  • Superior germinating mixture perfect for effective seed raising and propagation of cuttings.
  • SaturAid wetting agent.
  • Controlled release fertiliser.
  • Horticultural sand.
  • Trace elements & growth stimulants.


Seedling boxes or trays:

  • Fill seedling boxes or trays with Seed Raising Mixture, levelling mixture approximately 10 mm from top of tray. Surface must be flat and smooth.
  • If sowing fine seed, gently firm down mix.
  • Sow seeds as per instructions.
  • Cover seeds with mix to a depth approximately that of the seeds sown.
  • Gently water tray with fine spray to ensure even moistness. Keep tray moist but not wet. Do not over-water.              

Direct sowing:

  • Prepare garden beds where seeds are to be sown.
  • Blend Seed Raising Mix with garden soil to approximately 5 cm depth.
  • Sow seeds as per instructions.


1 Fill seedling tray, pots or cell tray with the mix. Water thoroughly and allow to drain.
2 Pick the healthiest part of the stem and slice diagonally just below the leaf node.
3 Cut the stems into 5–8cm long lengths, ensuring there are still 2 or 3 nodes remaining.
4 Trim the leaves off the lower two-thirds of the stem.
5 Use a rooting hormone on the base of the cut stem.
6 Make a hole in the mix with a pencil, insert at least 2–3cm of the stem into the mix and firm gently.
7 Water well and place in a sheltered location or greenhouse. Remember to keep the propagation mix moist but do not over water.
8 Once the cuttings have established roots to about 2–3cm long, transfer into a pot using a premium quality potting mix.

When to use Debco Seed Raising Mix

Use Debco Seed Raising Mix at any time of the year, according to the germination requirements of the seed. Follow the recommendations on the seed packet.

How to use Debco Seed Raising Mix

When seedlings start to grow, incorporate some soluble fertiliser, such as Debco Water Soluble All Purpose into your watering program to assist growth and development.Hints

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