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Bono Fido Double Storey Rabbit Hutch 3 Foot (K105M)

Discontinued by the manufacturer. Please consider the EP-125 hutch instead which is very similar See below


An attractive double storey rabbit hutch by Bono Fido. A useful feature of note is the wire mesh (bars) floor of the bottom level.

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Bono Fido Double Storey Rabbit Hutch 3 Foot (K105M)

A very attractive hutch that's very well designed providing maximum walking space for your pet. A feature of note is the wire mesh (bars) floor of the bottom level.

Dimensions: (cm)


92 W x 45 D x 80 H


44 W x 36 D


32 W x 36 D


77 W x 36 D


- Made by Bono Fido. Buy a hutch or coop that lasts! A company well known for their quality who specialise in hutches, coops and kennels.

- Wire floor at bottom level gives rabbits access to grass while preventing escape via digging.

- Insulated asphalt style roof will keep pet cool and dry.

- Two levels joined together with a ramp or can be closed with a hinged door at top of the ramp.

- Hard plastic floor (upstairs) for easy cleaning and durability.

- Hinged roof for very convenient cleaning and access.

- Treated weatherproof fir timber.

- Extra thick, powder coated wire. Stronger and rust resistant then regular wire mesh like other rabbit hutches.

- Upstairs is divided into 2 sections with removable divider. Providing nesting space and privacy for more pets.

- Easy to assemble, no experience required.

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