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Deluxe Ensuite Rabbit Hutch (EP-190)

Direct Import Premium EP Range: Our best selling timber hutch with an attractive & unique design. No compromise quality at a great price. 


A unique double storey design that allows your pets to run and hide more spaciously. Glossy pullout tray. Multiple enclosed areas. Gold coloured locks.

Deluxe Ensuite Rabbit Hutch (EP-190)

A premium hutch with a unique design that allows your pet rabbits & guinea pigs to run & hide more spaciously. Suitable for 1 to 2 adult rabbits.

Main Features:

  • Unique design provides a fresh attractive alternative to the tired and typical box style.
  • Double storey design allows more space for pets to run and hide.
  • Weatherproof and ideal as an outdoor Hutch. Adjustable Ramp allows rabbits to "free range".
  • Heavy-duty plastic pull out tray for easy cleaning. 
  • 2 separate enclosed areas, gives more personal hiding space for multiple pets or one lucky pet.
  • Convenient Roof access - Left side panel comes off. Right side roof opens up on hinges (back and front side roof panels)
  • Gold coloured metal locks. (no weak plastic or timber locks)
  • Strong and attractive black bars. (no wire mesh that's weak and can rust more easily)
  • Extra wide compared to your typical hutch of similar style. (compare dimensions for yourself)
  • Easy to assemble, no experience required.

NOTE: After customer feedback, we have changed the pull-out tray from metal to heavy duty plastic. Customers have told us that the metal can be difficult to clean as it gets older. 

Dimensions (approx) (cm)

External - 128 W x 64 D x 96 cm H. (lower roof height is 68cm)

Internal - Down stairs - 114 W x 49 D x (36 to 54 cm H)

Internal - Upstairs - 46 W x 48 D x (30 to 43 cm H)

Door at top of ramp - 19.5 W x 16.5 cm H

Bar Spacing - 24 mm wide.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is the ramp of this hutch too steep for my rabbit to climb up easily?

A. The ramp of this hutch appears a little steeper in the photo then it is in real life. Possible due to photo editing when the photo was narrowed to fit the website's format. The ramp should be accessible for all small & large rabbits (except maybe giant rabbits). If your rabbit is very large, it's also worth considering the dimensions of the doorway at the top of the ramp which are 19.5 cm W x 16.5 cm H to be sure your pet can fit through.

Q. Hi, could you explain what type of floor is in this hutch? Do the rabbits stand directly on the solid pull out tray or does it have a wire floor or some other type of solid floor suspended above the tray? Best to be sure in case the photo is not accurate.Thanks?

A. Yes, the rabbits in this hutch stand directly on the pullout tray.

Q. Does this hutch come flat packed and will the box fit in my car if I decide to pick up?

A. Yes, this hutch comes flat-packed. If you're planning to pick up this hutch in-store you might want to check the box dimensions to be sure that it will fit in your car. Box dimensions: 119 x 66 x 20 cm Weight - 23kgs.

Q. What brand is this hutch?

A. This item is our very own product which we import ourselves. We haven't given our range a brand name as such but its product code starts with EP which stands for Enfield Produce and it's made to our specifications and to a very high standard of quality. This hutch is our most popular timber hutch and we have never had any negative feedback on it.

Q. Does the timber of this hutch need to be treated or does it come varnished/weatherproof?

A. According to the Manufacturer "This product is already treated and weatherproofed, but if the customer does wishes to further protect the timber we suggest that they use a timber oil-based coating product." However, please note that we are not aware of any kind of timber coating that will work on these coops since many coatings will not penetrate the timber very well because it's already treated. For extra protection, you might want to consider paint instead.

Q. Is it possible to assemble the hutch without including the upper floor? I have a larger rabbit that will need a slightly taller space in at least part of the hutch. Will removing the upper floor affect the structural integrity of the hutch?

A. It's hard to say for certain but after having a look a various photos I think it's very likely that it will be fine without that platform upper platform. I also asked the manager at the store and he seemed to think it would most likely be ok as well.

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