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Bono Fido Large Mouse Cage w Tunnels


An Ideal pet mouse starter cage kit, with a large play tube and spinning wheel to keep mice occupied. Disclaimer: This cage comes with white wire only, the photos showing black wire are from an old model.

Bono Fido Large Mouse Cage w Tunnels (White)

An ideal pet mouse starter kit, with a non toxic powder coating and pleanty of excercise area.

Disclaimer: This cage comes with white wire only, the photos showing black wire are from an old model.

Mouse Cage Size: 47 × 30 × 27 cm (measurements exclude tubes)

  • Tubing adds about 7 cm to the left, 4 cm to the right and 7.5 cm to the height.
  • Includes a free water bottle. Bar spacing is about 7mm.

Main Features:

  • Fun Tube - A tube that goes from the upstairs platform travels outside the cage and eventually to the bottom floor. Internal clearance is 4.7 cm.
  • Classic House - Provides shelter and hidding place for mice.
  • Food Dish - Away from floor.
  • Large Living Area - Bottom level.
  • Ladder - Allows mice to to travel up to second floor.
  • Exercise Wheel - Essential for any complete mouse home.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Do you sell the tunnels / tubes that come with this mouse cage separately?

A. After calling the manufacturer Bono fido we were told that these tunnels are not available, unfortunately.(18/7/14)

Q. Does this cage come with the coloured plastic tunnel pictured in the photo?

A. Yes, the tunnels pictured in the product photo are included with this item.

Q. Is the wire cage part of this cage removable from the plastic base?

A. Yes.

Q. Is this cage suitable for rats and if so how many would it house?

A. This cage is not ideal for rats since its a bit small in general size and rats would be too big to use running wheel or enter the hut. A rat may also be too large to use the Fun Tube, but im not sure about that. This cage can house up to one rat at the most.

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