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Horticultural Zeolite (Organic)

Zeolite's molecular matrix prevents the uncontrolled leaching of nutrients and fertilisers from your soil, keeping them available for your plants. Suitable for virtually all plants. Especially popular for growing Bonsai and Roses.

Horticultural Zeolite (BFA Certified Organic)

NOTE: The 5kg size is online only. To buy in store you must order in advance before arriving in-store.

Zeolite is an organic mineral additive that attracts and retains fertilisers and releases them when the plant needs it, preventing soil nutrient leaching. Suitable for virtually all plants. Especially popular for growing Bonsai and Roses.

An open mix with high air porosity and good drainage is important to stimulate root growth and prevent many root diseases but it also leads to rapid leaching of nutrients away from the root zones of plants. Zeolite prevents this by attracting and holding the nutrients preventing them from washing through the container.

The typical approach to growing crops has been to apply high rates of fertiliser to overcome the losses due to leaching. This is both expensive and inefficient as well as environmentally damaging in terms of high nutrient runoff.

Zeolite works as a fertiliser battery, charging when free nutrients are available, holding them from leaching and releasing them to plant demand as required. Zeolite is not affected by temperature and buffers the dumping of nutrients by coated fertilisers under hot conditions holding them for use by the plant instead of driving your dams’ E.C. through the roof!

Main Features:

  • Captures nutrients lost when coated fertilisers dump in tropical conditions
  • Attracts and retains nutrients for use by plants.
  • Reduces nutrient loss through leaching.
  • Slowly releases nutrients as plants want them.
  • Improves cation exchange capacity (CEC)
  • Buffers Ammonium in mixes.
  • Improves the quality of runoff water.
  • Improves the value of fertiliser.
  • Assists water infiltration.
  • Strong capillary distributor.
  • Improves plant performance.
  • Does not break down in the mix.

Size guide:

Fine Grade 0.7 to 2mm - For general horticultural use in potting mixes and garden soils. Great for virtually all plants.

Medium Grade 2 to 4.4mm - For Bonsai and some other plants

Coarse Grade 4 to 6mm - For Bonsia and some other plants.

Application Rates:

As a general guide, it's suggested to mix at least 1.25kg of zeolite with every 25 Litre of soil or potting mix, that's 50g per litre of soil. According to the manufacturer, you can even put higher rates if you like, even up to 50/50 with the soil but the 1.25kg per 25L rate is the minimum amount for optimum results. Sandy soils will likely benefit from higher application rates. Roses can also do with more.

More Information:

Use of Zeolite will soak up excess ammonium and other cations in mixes often released under hot conditions, preventing root burning. Zeolite is marginally alkaline and a source of available calcium so its use with fertilisers can help buffer pH levels thus reducing the need for lime applications.

Zeolite carries a negative ionic charge which naturally attracts positive charged cations like ammonium, potassium, magnesium and calcium. The open crystalline structure of zeolite has many storage sites for these ions which hold naturally through a loose chemical bond. These fertiliser ions are available to plants. Zeolite has a very high cation exchange capacity and thus increases the mixes ability to hold and release nutrients. As cations are water soluble they escape from mixes by leaching.

Zeolite is also an excellent capillary distributor of water due to its highly porous properties, assisting infiltration, holding water higher in the pot and distributing water and nutrients more evenly through the mix which is important especially under drip irrigation. You get better value from your fertiliser dollar, improved plant growth and reduce the nutrient load in your runoff and collected water, reducing the E.C. levels of your storages.

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