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Bungalow Dog Kennel - Extra Large / Jumbo


138 cm L x 90 W x 130 H - Extra High design provides more headroom for larger dogs. Unique Design - White washed "greek island" style. Removable Door Flaps.

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Bungalow Dog Kennel - Extra Large / Jumbo

Dimensions (cm):

External - 138 L x 90 W x 130 H.

Internal - 128.5 L x 76.5 W x 113 H.

Lowest left side height is 85 cm - Lowest right side height = 68 cm.

Door - 45 W x 65 H.

Main Features:

  • Weather Resistant and Waterproof - Timber is treated with weather resistant paint.
  • Green Asphalt roof offers great insulation from the sun's heat. Longer lasting than timber.
  • Extra High design provides more headroom for larger dogs.
  • Unique Design - Whitewashed "greek island" style.
  • Removable Door Flaps - Provided bolts with handles for easy removal.
  • The side window can be locked open for cooling during warmer months.
  • Front Awning - 21.5 cm for protection from rain and sun.
  • Rubber feet keep kennel up from the moist ground.
  • Floor removable in 2 panels.

Suggested compatible dog mat: Heavy Duty Flea Free Dog Mat (Jumbo OR Large Size) (See below)

Picking up In-store? This item comes in 2 large boxes - See information below regarding box dimensions.

Box Dimensions: If you intend to pick this item up in-store, it's recommended to measure your car or wagon to be sure this items two boxes will fit.

Box 1 - 137 x 132 x 10cm   DW - 29 kg

Box 2 - 78 x 91 x 15cm       DW - 17 kg

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is this kennel made out of?

A. This kennel is made from treated "fir" timber which is weather resistant.

Q. Is this the largest dog kennel you stock?

A. Yes, this is the largest dog kennel we currently sell.

Q. Can the roof of this dog kennel be opened for easy cleaning? 

A. No, this kennel does not have a roof that can be opened. However since this kennel is extra tall, the front door opening is big enough for most adults to easily crawl inside and clean. The floorboards can also be easily removed to assist cleaning. It's also worth noting that if this kennel did have a hinged roof it would be too tall for anyone to reach inside anyway.

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