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Zeogrow All Purpose Organic Fertiliser Powder (w Zeolite)

Zeogrow is a water-soluble calcium, magnesium and zeolite-based organic mineral fertiliser. Delivers an instant and long-lasting energy boost to your plants. Zeolite has an amazing ability to help plants absorb and retain nutrients based on their needs.

Zeogrow is a biological and organic Zeolite based fertiliser, delivering an instant and long-lasting energy boost to your plants. Zeolite is an amazing natural mineral because of its extraordinary ability to absorb, hold and exchange different nutrients, trace elements and ions, according to the need of the plant. 

Zeogrow differs from conventional fertiliser due to the ability to be absorbed through the leaf and immediately aiding in cell construction, photosynthesis and enhancing the plant's metabolism. Improved crop yields, more biomass and shorter gestation periods are some of the most obvious benefits to the grower.

Zeogrow strengthens the plant's immune system and its natural resistance to fungus and pests which minimises, in some cases even eliminates the need of pesticides.

Content: Plant supporting Calcium and Magnesium mineral fertiliser, produced with zeolite (Clinoptilolite).

Dosage: Recommended dosage for agriculture/large areas is 3/4kg/HA dissolved in 200-300 litres of water, usually 3-4 applications for the growing cycle of the culture. For hobbyists or smaller areas use 1 heaped teaspoon, approximately 4-5g per litre of water. This will cover 3-4 square meter. Usually 3-4 applications for the growing cycle of the culture.

Application: Dissolve powder in water. To apply to use the usual spray and misting equipment. Spray the green parts of the plants with a fine mist in the morning or evening hours.

Main Features:

  • Improved crop yield.
  • More biomass.
  • Increased tolerance to drought.
  • Shortening of the gestation period.
  • Reduced watering needs.
  • Improved percentage of vitamins taste particles and glucose. 
  • Increased storage time for berries, fruit and vegetables.
  • consistent size and quality.
  • Fragrance, flavour and colour improvements.

Analysis: Phosphorus (P2O5)  0.08%, Calcium oxide (CaO) 39.9%, Silicon oxide (SiO2) 10.4%, Magnesium oxide (MgO) 5.93%, Aluminium oxide (Al2O3) 5%, Sodium oxide (Na2O) 0.22%, Iron oxide (Fe2O3) 1.07%, Potassium oxide (K2O) 1.33%, Sulphur (So3) 0.45%, Chromium (Cr) 12.5mg/kg, Cadmium (Cd) 0.04mg/kg,  Cobait (Co) 2.81mg/kg, Copper (Cu) 25.4mg/kg, Manganese (Mn) 447mg/kg, Nickle (Ni) 13.3mg/kg, Mercury (Hg)  <0.01mg/kg.

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