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Washed Coir Chips 7 - 12mm (5kg/50-60L) View larger


Orchid Coir Chips Block (50 to 60L) (4.5kg)

Available in Fine, Medium and Coarse. Orchid Coir chips are washed, heat-treated husk chips in a compressed individually wrapped 4.5kg block which expands from 50 to 60L when wet. These commercial grade husk chips last longer than bark with little degradation and hold water and air like a sponge providing both excellent air-filled porosity and water holding capacity.

Orchid Coir Chips Block (4.5kg). Will expand from 50 to 60 litres.


Fine 3-7mm - Unavailable from the supplier. More stock due middle to late August 2020.           

Medium 7-12mm - Available.    

Coarse 12-18mm - Unavailable from the supplier. More stock due middle to late August 2020.    

These husk chips are pre-cut chunks from coconut husk. Washed, heat-treated husk chips are supplied in compressed individually wrapped 5kg blocks. Husk chip blocks are hand breakable and can be wet and rewet easily. To use, simply soak each brick in warm water for 30-45 minutes and each block will break out from 50L to 60L. The commercial potting soil grade husk chips lasts longer than bark with little degradation. Wet coconut husk chips hold water and air like a sponge providing both excellent air-filled porosity and water holding capacity, It aids in the rapid growth for Orchids, Bromeliads, Anthruiums and many other plants that benefit from an aerated medium They are also ideal for potting mixes to add life and increase micro-organism activity. It can ideally replace hardwood and softwood bark.

Size Guide:

3-7mm  (FINE)– A primary ingredient in propagation mixes for orchids and plants that require high AFP.

7-12mm (MEDIUM) – For many species of orchids like Cymbidiums, Zygopetalums, Dendrobiums, Oncidiums, small Cattleyas and Phalaenopsis.

12-18mm (COARSE) – Mainly used for large orchids like large Australian native Dendrobiums, large Cattleyas and Phalaenopsis.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. I'm looking for graded coconut coir. I'm finding that a lot on the market contains too many fines. Is your coir graded properly?

A. Yes, this coconut coir is graded properly.

Q. Can the coir blocks be used right away after the first soaking or does it need to be rinsed several times to get rid of the salt?

A. I got this answer from the manufacturer. "Personally, I just rinse mine once. BUT, the advice for the customer is that they need to check the EC (total dissolved salts) before planting. Whilst it is washed and EC is low, any salt that is present is sodium chloride. Sodium is not good for plants: high sodium level hampers the uptake of calcium by plants. Saturate the blocks and allow to stand for 24 hrs. Measure the EC (or CF) in the ingoing water as well as in the run-off water (drain). When the EC in the run-off water is 1.5 points higher than the EC of the ingoing water, the coir needs further rinsing. This should be continued until the difference of the ECs is less than 1.5"

Q. What grade of coir do you recommend for repotting begonia plants?

A. After reaching out to the manufacturer they suggested the medium grade 7-12mm.

Q. I'm Interested in purchasing these Coir Blocks to be used as a bedding for my reptile enclosures for my snakes and lizards. I was just wondering if this product is 100% coconut bark ONLY with no added fertilizers or chemicals?

A. I got the following reply from our supplier "Yes, definitely no added chemicals or fertilisers. However, all coir will naturally contain some sodium chloride and I would suggest flushing if this could be an issue"

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