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Coir Peat Blocks (70L) (4.5kg) View larger


Coir Peat Block (70L) (4.5kg)


Premium grade coir peat that will expand to about 70 litres when soaked. It can then be added to soils to substantially improve their structure. Helps keep the soil moist in hot weather and the temperature higher during the colder months and other benefits.

Coir Peat Blocks (4.5kg). Will expand to about 70 litres when soaked in water.

Coir Peat Blocks are a concentrated block of Premium Grade Coir peat that will, when wet, expand to about 70 litres of soil conditioner and potting mix additive

Retains moisture many times its own volume, saves watering and provides excellent air-filled porosity providing vital oxygen to the roots and soil. Also helps break up the heaviest of clay soils.

Best of all it lasts for years in your soil.

It has many benefits including a high water holding capacity, acts as a snail barrier and most importantly keeps the soil moist in hot weather and keeps the temperature higher during the colder months.

Disclaimer: The video below shows coir mulch which is quite coarse. This product is much finer and will resemble soil when soaked in water. For our coarser coir products see below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Are these coir peat blocks suitable for vegetable gardens?

A. Yes, after calling the supplier I was told they are fine for vegetable gardens.

Q. Have these coir peat blocks been washed and buffered?

A. According to our supplier these blocks have been washed but not buffered.

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