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Kleensorb Diatomite (3mm - 4mm) 35 Litres

Currently unavailable from the manufacturer until about April 2024. Please consider Diatomite Nursery Grade below.


Kleensorb is a calcined (super-heated) Diatomaceous Earth that is often added to potting mix or used as a growing medium due to its ability to hold water, create aeration and provide plant available silica. Has many other horticultural and domestic uses.

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Kleensorb Diatomite 35 Litres: (3mm - 4mm)

Kleensorb is calcined (super-heated) Diatomaceous Earth mineral that has many horticultural and domestic uses. With our customers, it's especially popular as a cat litter and with orchid and bonsai growers, or plants with similar requirements.

Suitable For:

  • Horticultural Use: potting mix / growing medium, soil conditioner.
  • Cat / Pet Litter.
  • Industrial Spillage Absorbent.
  • Domestic Use.
  • Oil & Beverage Clarifying.

DIMENSIONS (mm) Particle: 3 mm x 4 mm. Bag Size: 35 L.

TYPICAL ANALYSIS: Silicon 81.6%, Phosphorus 0.034%, Potassium 0.059%, Sulphur 0.092%, Calcium 0.686%, Magnesium 0.704%, Iron 3.17%, Aluminium 6.22%, Titanium 0.764%, Sodium 0.12%, Carbon 1.93%.



Kleensorb is calcined (super-heated) Diatomaceous Earth. Diatomaceous Earth is a sedimentary rock made up primarily of amorphous silica (see analysis). It is not crystalline silica. The heating process does not exceed the temperature necessary to convert amorphous silica to crystalline silica.

What is KLEENSORB used for?

POTTING MIX Kleensorb is added to potting mixes because of its ability to hold water, create aeration and provide plant-available silica.

SOIL CONDITIONER Breaks up heavy soil. Can be used as a soil amendment to improve the porosity and drainage of soils. Also provides plant available silica for plants

PET LITTER One of the most popular and efficient cat /pet litter materials. It also absorbs odours. (After use, add to the garden to maximise water retention.)

INDUSTRIAL SPILLAGE ABSORBANT Spread over the spill, leave for a while until all the liquid has been absorbed, then sweep up and dispose of contained spillage according to regulations.

DOMESTIC USE Excellent for absorbing grease in barbeque and grill drip trays where fat can pose a significant fire hazard. Can also be used to absorb odours in fridges, ashtrays and rubbish bins.

OIL & BEVERAGE CLARIFYING Can remove some impurities from edible oils and beverages such as wine, beer and fruit juice.


Kleensorb has a high surface area in minute pore spaces into which liquids can be absorbed. Is used as a popular industrial spillage absorbent and in evolving agricultural applications to improve soil structure and supply plant-available silica. Can retain up to 100% of its own weight in liquid.


Spills can be toxic, odorous, slippery and unsightly and need to be disposed of quickly, safely and without leaving a residue. Kleensorb soaks up oils and all liquid chemicals and also rapidly reduces the evolution of any toxic fumes from the spill. In Europe, where the total market for industrial spillage absorbents is about 150,000 tonnes per annum, diatomite is the most popular absorbent in use. The calcining process both dries and hardens the diatomite but it retains its structural integrity. Even when crushed, the material will not release the absorbed fluid or become slippery, making it appropriate for use on roads, in garages and factories.


Kleensorb or our raw uncalcined product Purasil is used as a soil additive. It is now used on golf courses, sports fields and landscape projects. Landscape gardeners, greenkeepers and landscape architects use our products to improve porosity and drainage of soil and promote the health of the plant’s root system.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. I would like to purchase diatomite to add to my soil mixes for bonsais. I have been advised by a bonsai grower to take care in doing so because the salt content in some sourced diatomite may be too high and thus harmful to my bonsai plants. Can you please clarify this point for me?

A. Answer from the manufacturer: Kleensorb has 0.11% sodium content. Pretty negligible, so the salt content will not harm bonsai. This sodium thing has got into the internet underworld as some sort of urban myth. (OCT 2015)

Q. I am interested in purchasing your Diatomaceous Earth for bonsai as a soil medium 3 to 4 mm. I have purchased similar products before from other suppliers and it has turned to mush as it was not hard enough. Could you please advise me if this product is hard enough for this purpose ie I don't want it to go soft or mushy too quickly.

A. Kleensorb Diatomite is heat-treated which makes it harder than most other DE products and therefore ideal as a long-lasting growing medium for Bonsai and other plants.

Q. What is the rate of Kleensorb if it is being used as a soil conditioner?

A. I got this answer from the manufacturer:

The application rate is 2-10g per square metre. It would vary depending on the crop.

As Kleensorb has higher silica levels (between 80-85%), the application rates are slightly lower when compared to other DE products in the market.

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