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Sheep Manure Extra Large Bags 35L


Huge 35 Litre Bags - 100% Sheep manure with nothing added, straight from country farms. SEE DISCLAIMER AT BOTTOM OF PAGE BEFORE BUYING.

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HUGE 35L BAGS - 100% Sheep manure with nothing added, straight from country farms.

Don't waste your money on soil and filler.

Most manure products on the market are made mostly from soil and cheap fillers which are then mixed with only a small percentage of manure. Hence it is difficult to tell the difference between this kind of sheep manure and just plain old soil.

Our Sheep Manure is 100% straight sheep manure, straight from a farm, and is unprocessed and is ready to use (See disclaimer below)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. I live quite far from Sydney, are you able to deliver to my area?

A. We deliver virtually Australia wide, so it's very likely that we can. Feel free to order via the website. To get a freight quote before ordering, add some items to your shopping cart and then click the "freight calculator" tab and enter your state and postcode.

Q. How much sheep manure should I apply per square metre for a vegetable patch? Is there a problem if you apply too much?

A. When preparing a new garden bed about 0.5 to 1 bag per square metre should be ok for most vegetable gardens and be sure to mix it in well with the existing soil so it's not too concentrated. Putting too much manure may stress some plants especially when the weather is warm. When applying to gardens with existing crops about half a bag per square metre should be ok. See disclaimer below before using this product.


1. This manure sometimes comes crushed or whole. We do not differentiate between the two types and sell them both as the same product. Strictly no refunds if you not happy with receiving either crushed or whole. If you buy this product you must be willing to accept either type or a mixture of both.

2. This manure may come with bits of straw, shavings and other foreign things that enter the bag during the collection process. These things are NOT added on purpose but this occurs accidentally during the collection process and cannot be avoided. Again, no refunds if you get stock like this.

3. These suggested application rates are not a guarantee of safe application rates as there are various exceptions that may make these rates unsuitable for your situation, so use with caution and seek expert advice before fertilising your garden. Please do not consider any information on this page or website as expert advice. Always seek expert advice before using any of our products or caring for any pets or plants.

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