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My Flea Trap Electronic Pet Protector


Westham Innovations presents myFleaTrap Ecological Pet Protector - the ultimate, innovative method for flea catching.

Westham Innovations presents myFleaTrap Ecological Pet Protector - the ultimate, innovative method for flea catching.


  • 1 x Flea Trap
  • 2 x Adhesive Sheets

For operation:

  • 5 x AA batteries (not included) or
  • Optional external power supply 6VDC (not included)


  • Environmentally safe, no chemicals required.
  • Cordless, lightweight and portable.
  • Collapsible trap for easy storage.
  • Unique design also traps larvae.
  • Light attracts fleas within range of 40ft and beyond.
  • Can clear a room of fleas overnight.

How it Works:

Two unique attracting LED lights alternate every 5 minutes, attracting any fleas within a 40ft radius. Hidden adhesive sheets inside myFleaTrap catch the fleas, and has the capacity to collect over 10,000 fleas.

Operate in 3 different modes:

OFF:- LED's Inactive.

AUTO:- Energy saving mode - operate in dark conditions only.

ON:- LED's Operate constantly.

About The MyFleaTrap Electronic Pet Protector:

Completely safe in your home:

With myFleaTrap you can rest easy knowing that your family and pets are not being exposed to any toxins. The device requires no spraying – and contains no pesticides whatsoever.

Proven scientific results:

Extensive laboratory testing performed at several universities (including Kansas State University) compared myFleaTrap to other flea traps, and found it to be the most efficient way to get rid of fleas.

It works while you sleep:

myFleaTrap performs its magic without you. It quietly catches the fleas in the room while you and your family sleep peacefully.

Cordless, light and portable:

myFleaTrap is cordless, light, and easy to carry and store. You simply pull it out when you need it and place it back when the job is done.

Catches everything:

The trap attracts fleas off floors, carpets and furniture. And unlike other devices, myFleaTrap also catches the fleas’ offspring (or ‘larvae’). This dramatically reduces the likelihood of fleas returning to your dog or cat.

Smart, one-of-a-kind technology:

When placed in a dark room, myFleaTrap projects unique lighting that attracts insects and traps them on a disposable adhesive sheet. The intensity and colour of the lights, and their on/off pattern, is what makes it work.

Modern design:

myFleaTrap has a modern design that allows it to be placed in any room.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Only one of the two LED lights is working on the My Flea Trap, is that normal?

A. Yes it's normal. Only 1 of the 2 lights operates at one time. Please wait about 5 mins for the light to switch over the other LED as they alternate.

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