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Heat a Brix Briquettes 20 Kg (Premium)


Heat a Brix Briquettes are the original, biggest and best solid fuel money can buy. The Perfect partner to wood. Suitable for most wood heaters and open fires and provides cleaner handling. SEE "HOT SHOTS HEATING BRIQUETTES" AT BOTTOM OF PAGE.

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This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Please consider Hot Shots Heating Briquettes 10kg at bottom of the page.

Heat a Brix Briquettes 20 Kg (Premium). Burning to save you money!

The original, biggest and best solid fuel money can buy. Perfect partner to wood. Suitable for most wood heaters and open fires. Cleaner Handling.

What are Briquettes?

Briquettes are a natural fuel made in Victoria from brown coal, suitable for solid fuel woodheaters, combustion heaters and open fires. There is no need to "season" or "age" briquettes. Briquettes burn like the best seasoned firewood and are ready to use straight from the pack

Briquettes burn up to 3 times longer then wood.

When mixed with firewood, briquettes will keep your fire burning longer and you wont have to continually refuel the fire. Independent University tests* prove that when you add Briquettes to firewood in equal proportions, heat output is levelled and extended over a much longer period.

You can see the graph below, that burning firewood alone causes the heat output to rise very quickly then drop off very quickly. In contrast, a briquette/wood combination results in a slightly lower peak temperature in the firebox but a greatly increased heating period. Upt to 3 times longer.

How to get the best from your briquettes!

In wood heaters and appliances:

When first lighting the fire.

Place some kindling or prepared firelighter in the firebox, then add several briquettes followed by some split firewood on top. Before lighting the fire, open the air control to its fullest extent and leave open until the fire is well alight (at least 10 minutes) after which the air control may be finely adjusted to maintain a comfortable room temperature.

When refuelling.

Always place fresh briquettes on a bright fire and fully open the air control for 7 to 10 minutes. The air control may then be closed as desired. When refuelling with a mixture of briquettes and wood, place the wood on the fire first with the briquettes on top.

In Open Fireplaces:

The burning rate of wood and briquettes in an open fireplace cannot be controlled in the same way as a solid fuel heater or appliance. However, efficiency can be improved under certain circumstances.

When first lighting the fire.

Place some kindling or prepared firelighter on top of the grate or directly on to the floor of the fireplace. Using several briquettes, build a cone shaped pile and place a quantity of split firewood on top. As the wood burns away, the briquettes will ignite from the outside and burn inwards, thereby providing increased burning control.

When refuelling.

Avoid spreading the briquettes over the entire fire as this will reduce burning time.

This product is not suitable for use in barbeques.

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