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Heat Up BBQ Wood Charcoal 5kg

Made from 100% natural timber, chemical free and smokeless. For all barbeque and restaurant needs. 

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Heat Up BBQ Charcoal 5kg:

Unlike other BBQ fuels, Heat Up BBQ Charcoal is a smokeless, chemical-free charcoal, made from 100 percent natural wood. It contains no binding or lighting agents and is 100 percent additive and chemical free. So you can be confident your food won't be tainted by unwanted chemical fumes or additives. It's about letting the food's natural flavours shine.

Food tastes better with Heat Up Natural Wood Charcoal. Use with kettle BBQs, spits, smokers, chimineas.

  • Clean burning, no dust/charcoal fines on food.
  • 100% natural wood charcoal.
  • Chemical free for an all natural taste.
  • For all your barbeque and restaurant needs.
  • Made from processed and recycled wood (so it's produced sustainably)

To Light:

Heap charcoal onto the BBQ grate and spread over cooking area.

Using appropriate fluid like cooking oil, moderately spread over charcoal. Allow to soak for 1 min before lighting.

Light the charcoal cubes with a long match and wait for long flame to die down and for the charcoal to burn in a reddish/grey appearance, then start to cook.


  • NEVER use indoors.
  • NEVER allow children near or leave a light BBQ unattended.
  • NEVER place hot ashes into a dustbin – Wait until they are cold.
  • NEVER try and cook over flames - it burns the outside without properly cooking the inside.

Warning: Under NO circumstances burn charcoal indoors without adequate & effective ventilation or fumes can be harmful.

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