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Superworm Casting Fertiliser (Worm Castings)

Pure castings from Superworms (Zophobas Morio). 100% organic and produced in Australia. Great for lawns and gardens and ideal for indoor plants. It supercharges the plants’ immune system through its natural polymer chitin.

Superworm Casting Fertiliser (Worm Castings)

  • Pure castings from Superworms (Zophobas Morio)
  • 100% organic, produced in Australia, packed and shipped directly from the farm 
  • Great for lawns and gardens, ideal for indoor plants
  • It supercharges the plants’ immune system through its natural polymer: chitin.
  • Chitin is a compound found in insects, which also stimulates the development of symbiotic fungi in the soil.
  • Chitin also has organic pesticide qualities, helping plants to beat stress from root-feeding nematodes and grubs.
  • Leaves become greener, growth rates are increased, fruits are larger, flowers are enhanced in colour, numbers and quality.
  • Superworm casting fertilizer has a dry, sand-like consistency, easy to use and has very little odour comparing to other organic fertilizers.
  • Add water for a spray, or mix into soil. Apply directly onto lawns. You can easily make 'superworm castings tea' to use as liquid fertiliser if preferred.
  • Ideal for orchids, flowering plants, vegies and herbs, shrubs, trees, lawns and natives. 


Indoor Plants: Lightly sprinkle and mix into the soil. The goodness is delivered on every watering.

In Your Garden: Mix into the soil (2 x cups per square metre), water thoroughly.

On Your Lawn: Spread approx 2kg on 10 square metres, and water in.

Planting New Trees/Shrubs: After digging hold, apply a 1/4 to 1/2 inch of castings in the centre and insert your plant, top fill with fertile soil, water.

Vegies and Herbs: Mix approx 2 x cups per square metre of soil and water plants thoroughly.

Foliage Spray: Add approx a heaped tablespoon per 3 litres of water and mix well. Leave for 24 hours and mix again, then strain the "tea" liquid. Apply using a spray bottle directly on foliage.

Liquid Forms: Use the strained "tea infusion" described above directly as a liquid fertiliser.

Superworm castings, also known as frass, come from – as the name suggests – Superworms’  “poop”. Superworms are the larvae of the Darkling Beetle, which originates from Central and South America. These worms are farmed worldwide and used as live food for a large range of animals and pets including reptiles (dragons and lizards love them), birds and poultry, fish and axolotls, frogs, turtles, scorpions and spiders, small marsupials and mammals - and for the unique, rich fertiliser they produce. They are fed with wheat bran and fresh vegies, creating a fertiliser that is 100% organic, rich in nitrates and a range of nutrients that are chemical-free. 

The unique qualities of this fertiliser are due to a natural polymer called ‘CHITIN’.  Chitin is found in the exoskeleton of the worms, which is regularly shed and consumed as they grow. Chitin works by encouraging the growth of beneficial microbes and bacteria that attack harmful plant nematodes and fungus. It boosts the immune system of plants into high gear, forming stronger cellular walls and root structure – delivering an inbuilt natural pesticide that chitin promotes.    

Combined with its high nutrient contents and the unique qualities of chitin, Superworm casting fertiliser is fast becoming the preferred choice of natural fertiliser worldwide, with proven results.

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