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Vilmorin Tomato Seeds

Experience the super value of our large Vimorin seed range. The Tomoto range includes Roma, San Marzano, Gold Nugget & Cerise/Cherry.

Vilmorin Tomato Seeds

When to sow : (Sp) = Spring. (W) = Winter. (A) = Autumn.  (S) = Summer.

Vilmorin Tomato Seed Selection : 

Tomato Roma VF (774) - (Sp) Productive determinate variety with elonged fruit, medium in size. Firm and sweet flesh with an excellent tast. Its high dry matter content makes it a good variety for canning and making concentrate.

Tomato San Marzano (776)  - (Sp) Semi-late indeterminate late. Lovely elonged fruit about 8-10 cm in length and 4 cm in diameter. Weight when ripe between 90-110 gr.

Tomato Gold Nugget (777) - (W & Sp) Early cherry type producing small sweet fruits golden yellow to red in colour.

Tomato Cerise (764) - (Sp) Variety "recomended for aperitifs its lovely long full of small tomatoes 3/4 cm in diameter have a delicate taste. Can be grown as a bush without staking.

About Vilmorin Seeds :

Vilmorin Seeds : Offer 5 to 20 times more seed per packet !

Vilmorin Seeds are produced in France and are a new and high quality seed range that offers many special plant varieties that are popular in Europe, but often hard to find in Australia.

They also offer far more value for money then most well known seed brands. The large amount of seeds in Vilmorin Packets compared to other brands is truely amazing. Vilmorin packets can have anywhere from 5 to 20 times the amount of seed of most of its competitors.

Note : Packet comparisons are only a rough guide as we have only compared a select few packets visualy and havent measured them exactly. We can also vouch for the quality ourselves having tried them in our own garden with a great success rate.

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