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Patons Banana Special Fertilizer

Proven formulation suitable for vegetables flowers fruit trees and general purpose fertilising with an organic base. Great for lawns.

Paton's Banana Special is the original and best organically-based general purpose formulation containing a complete range of essential nutrients, including organic nitrogen and phosphorus for healthy growth in a wide range of garden situations.

Disclaimer: The 1kg and 5 kg size are repackaged in a clear plastic bag. Multiple 1kg or 5kg bags may be combined into one bag.

Suitable For:

Paton's Banana Special is particularly suitable for vegetables and fruits, but can also be used for general application to lawns, shrubs and flowers. Banana Special promotes vigorous and healthy growth in most plants and long-term feeding from an organic base. Not recommended for native plants.

How Much Do You Need:

Vegetables: Apply approx 100-150 grams per square metre prior to planting the crop. Thereafter apply 25-30 grams per square metre every 4 weeks.

Fruit Trees: On young trees apply 100-150 grams per square to the drip zone in late Winter and late Summer (July and February). On mature trees apply 0.5kg per tree for each year of growth (to a maximum of 3kg per tree), apply to the drip zone during late Winter/early Spring.

Shrubs: Apply 100-150 grams per square metre to the drip zone in early Spring, where possible work into the soil surface or mulch over with a good organic mulch.

Flowers: Apply 70-100 grams per square metre prior to planting and a small amount (approx half) following the formation of buds.

Lawns: Paton's Banana Special should be applied at approx 50 grams per square metre in Spring and Autumn. Banana Special can be used in conjunction with Sulphate of Ammonia for a more rapid greening on lawns. Prior to seeding or laying turf, evenly broadcast the required amount of fertiliser onto the soil surface and rake into the soil to a depth of approx 5cm (2 inches), and water in well. On established lawn areas, broadcast evenly over the area and water in well.

Product Analysis:

Nitrogen as ammonium 6.1%, N as organic 0.6%, Total Nitrogen 6.7%.

Phosphorus as water soluble 3.0%, P as citrate soluble 0.9%, P as citrate insoluble 0.3% Total P 4.2%.

Total Potassium as chloride 5.0%.

Total Sulphur as sulphate 12.0%.

Total Calcium 8.4%.

Application Hints:

Apply sparingly to potted plants as excessive fertiliser can cause burning relatively easy. It is much safer to apply smaller amounts on a regular basis. Patches can appear if an even spreading of the product is not successfully achieved. If hand broadcasting, mixing the fertiliser with a carrier such as sand or soil before spreading can achieve a more even result. Alternatively, apply less fertiliser but go over the area at least twice in different directions (one at a right angle to the other)

Important Things to Remember:

  • Always water fertiliser well immediately after application. Watering should result in a thorough saturation of the area.
  • Avoid direct contact with plant roots, seeds etc.
  • Even, light and regular application of this quality product will achieve the best results.
  • Always reseal bags after use and dispose of empty containers properly.
  • Sandy soils will require lower rates of fertiliser but more frequent applications.
  • Do not exceed the recommended application rates as this can be harmful to plants.

Caution: All fertilisers should be used with care. Wear gloves and protect eyes from dust.

Disclaimer: The information on this page is NOT complete, read the product packaging before use. Please do not consider any information on this page or website as expert advice. Always seek expert advice before using any of our products or caring for any pets or plants. Always read and follow all instructions on the products label ahead of any other source of information even ahead of information on this page.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is banana special pet-friendly if used to revive our lawn?

A. After calling our supplier I was told that in their opinion Banana Special would be fine for lawns with pets like dogs & cats. We would also just add that as an extra precaution it's a good idea to spread the fertiliser as evenly as possible so it doesn't clump on the top of the lawn and if some fertiliser does stay on the top of the lawn be sure to rake the fertiliser in so that it sinks deep into the grass and onto the soil. Also, keep an eye on your pet to be sure they are not eating the fertiliser or the grass soon after application (10/12/16)

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