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Pisces Mealworms REGULAR (Live)

They provide a natural insect food and are an ideal source of protein for most birds & reptiles eg finches etc. SEE DISCLAIMER BEFORE ORDERING.

Mealworms Pisces Live Insect Food (Cannot ship to WA due to Quarantine Restrictions) 

Mealworms - Plump nutrient-rich Pisces mealworms (Tenebrio molitor) provide a natural insect food for birds and lizards in your aviary and garden. Adds variety to diets and are an ideal source of protein for finches, robins, wagtails, other birds and reptiles.

Pisces mealworms are clean and easily handled food for many pets, and adds variety to your animal's diet. Mealworms are an ideal source of protein for seed-eating birds; especially important at breeding time. Eco-gardeners believe that feeding wild-birds in their yard naturally encourages insect foraging birds to keep the garden cleaner of pests.

Disclaimer: (please read this 3 point disclaimer before ordering)

1 of 3. Risk of ordering: We take all the measures possible to get live Insects to buyers asap and in good condition, however we accept no responsibility for insects that die during shipping. We are based in Sydney and orders from outside Sydney have an increased risk. Please consider that the risk increases significantly for interstate or rural deliveries and during warmer months where mealworms will be in transit without cooling. Strictly no refunds for insects that arrive dead. For interstate (except Melbourne) or rural orders we suggest selecting the Australia Post Express freight option when available OR consider Dried Mealworms as a safer alternative (see below)

2 of 3. Bulk Orders 1kg plus: Our 1kg, 2kg, 6kg mealworm packs are special ordered every Monday morning so please have your order in by Saturday for delivery the following week. Mealworm stock usually arrive to us on Tuesday or Wednesday and we send them to you after they have arrived (you will receive a shipment notification when your order is sent out) Let us know in the comments section (when ordering) if it's urgent and we'll try to fast-track things if possible

3 of 3. Orders will not be sent close to weekend: If it gets too close to the end of the week we may not send your order until the following week to avoid worms being stuck at a courier depot over the weekend.

Main Features:

  • A versatile food most commonly used to feed finches, wild birds, large fish, mammals, reptiles and tortoises.
  • Bred in state of the art facilities, Pisces is a world leader in the cultivation of live mealworms.
  • All Pisces mealworms are fed an organic diet and are free of any organophosphates and added growth

How to feed: Feed mealworms straight from the container or transfer them to glass or crockery bowls with five-centimetre sides slippery sides prevent their escape. The birds will quickly learn to sort out the mealworms from the bran, especially if you only put mealworms in the bowl for the first few times.

How many to feed: Feed once or twice a day - early in the morning and 1-2 hours before sunset. Small birds (eg: wrens and wagtails) up to 5 mealworms each meal. Medium sized birds (eg: butcherbirds and kingfishers) up to 10 per meal. Large birds (eg: magpies and kookaburras) 10-20 per meal. Avoid overfeeding. You should not make the birds dependent on you for a large part of their diet. It is unnatural and can disadvantage the birds.
Storage & Care: Pisces mealworms are packed with enough food to last them for about one week at normal room temperature. They will live much longer if kept in the crisper area of the refrigerator as the cold temperature slows them down. To keep your mealworms for a longer period of time, every two weeks remove them from the refrigerator & allow them to warm up. Give them a small amount of apple or carrot & top up their unprocessed bran. After 24 hours remove the uneaten food and return them to fridge for re-use.
Suggestion: If your planning to store the mealworms for longer then about 7 days you might want to consider topping up the food inside the mealworm container with more Bran. (see below)

Questions & Answers:

Q. How many mealworms are in the 1kg bulk pack or 100g pack?

A. As a rough guide, the 1 kg pack size contains about 6000 mealworms. Regarding the 100g packs: After calling Pisces I was told they did not have an estimate as they are measured by weight and the amount of worms varies from tub to tub depending on the size of the worms.

Q. What is the size of your mealworms?

A. Here is a rough size guide: (based on 2 or 3 random samples we measured)

  • Mini Mealies - 14 to 16mm long (1.5mm thick)
  • Mealworms - 22 to 25mm long (3mm thick)
  • Superworms - 24 to 27mm long (3mm thick)

Q. I'm considering having some mealworms delivered to Townsville QLD but I am concerned about them arriving dead?

A. Delivery to Townsville should be fine except in spring and summer when it gets too hot for them as mealworms need to be kept cool. When ordering from Townsville is highly recommended to select the Australian Post Express option (1 working day) as the other couriers can take 3 to 7 days which can be risky especially in hot weather.

Q. Can these mealworms be bred?

A. After calling the manufacturer Pisces I was told by someone that they can be bred as long as you know how to do breed them. They could not offer me any tips on how to breed them either. (1/9/14)

Q. Are these mealworms a different species to the mini mealies and super mealworms you also sell?

A. All 3 types of mealworms ie mini mealies, mealworms and super mealworms are all the same species at different life stages.

Q. Do you sell dark wing (mealworm) beetles?

A. I called our supplier (Pisces) and unfortunately, they don't stock these beetles. (1/11/17)

Q. How many mealworms are in a 100-gram tub and do the 100 grams include the weight of the bran etc?

A. Based on the fact that the 1kg pack has about 6000 worms we could estimate that a 100-gram pack would have about 600 worms.  I weighed a random 100-gram pack at 220 grams so it's clear that the 100 grams is just the worms only and does not include the bran or packaging etc.

Q. How long will mealworms keep for in the fridge?

A. Our supplier has advised that mealworms will keep indefinitely in the fridge, as long as they have enough carrot and bran to feed on. They'll eat less since their metabolisms slow down however they still require food whilst in the fridge.

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