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Australian Export White Oil Aerosol 400g


White Oil Aerosol is a plant insecticide & leaf shine which is traditional and popular spray for use on citrus trees, ornamentals, Roses, and Shrubs , including indoor plants.

White Oil Aerosol: Plant Insecticide & leaf shine is a traditional and popular spray used on citrus trees, ornamentals, roses, and shrubs , including indoor plants.

Active constituent: 150g/kg Petroleum Oil.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What time of day to use on large citrus tree, and what temperatures affect usage?

A. This product's label doesn't mention anything specific about temperature or time of application but only says not to spray in hot or windy conditions. Gardening Australia mentions that white oil should not be used in temperature is over 30 degrees or you risk burning your plants. I think this is a good general guide but to be safe I think it's best to check the weather forecast and be sure to pick the coolest few days possible before spraying.

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