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The Big Cheese Ultra Power Mouse Bait Kill Station. View larger


The Big Cheese Ultra Power Mouse Bait Kill Station.

The Big Cheese Ultra Power Mouse Kill Bait Station is a ready to use bait station specifically designed for the control of the mice in household situations. The station is pre-baited and contains one 20g rodenticide block. The bait station can be easily opened using the supplied key to check and refill with bait as required. 

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The Big Cheese Ultra Power Mouse Kil Bait Station maximise rodent kill & safety.

Superior splay locking system, Tamperproof, not resistant, Unique ramp design takes rodent to the bait, Clear lid enables quick inspection of catch and bait to take, Accommodates Ultra Power mouse and rat traps. Preloaded with Ultra Power Fast Action Bait Blocks, Contains 1 x 20g bait block.

How to Use:

DO NOT place baits in the open
DO NOT exceed 3m between bait locations for mice, or 9m for rats.
DO NOT leave bait accessible to children, domestic animals or non-target wildlife.

Pest Situation Rate How To Apply
Mice In and around
(within 2 metres) domestic buildings
and commercial premises
Use one bait station per bait point.  Place bait station in dry locations throughout the infested area, on runs, near burrows and where droppings are seen, not more than 3m apart. Open bait stations with supplied key and replenish bait stations with the big cheese rodenticide bait ( available separately) when the bait has been completely consumed. Ensure bait stations are tightly closed and locked.

General information and baiting strategy for mice:
Eliminate as far as practicable, all other food sources. Always place bait where it is inaccessible to children, animals and birds. Do not place baits where food, feed or water could become contaminated. Inspect baits frequently, particularly in the first ten days. Replace eaten bait. If the bait is completely consumed, the number of bait stations should be increased. Continue replenishing bait untouched, Baiting for at least 2 weeks be necessary to reduce mouse numbers. Most deaths occur 4 to 7 days after the consumption of bait, but deaths may occur for up to 2weeks. During treatment search for and collect dead mince. Following treatment remove all remains of bait and bait stations and search for and collect dead mice. Dispose of carcasses by wrapping in paper, placing in plastic bag and putting in garbage Do NOT let cats, dogs or non-target animals eat poisoned mice. While Handling remaining bait material/animal carcasses, wear rubber gloves.

Caution: this product is hazardous to pigs, cats, dogs, native wildlife and poultry. Place Baits in locations which are inaccessible to other animals and birds

Storage And Disposal: Containers that have held bait should not be used for any other purpose. Store in the closed original container in a cool dry place out of the reach of children. Do not store in direct sunlight. Or do not place bait on or near exposed food or food utensils, food preparation areas or food.

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