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Organic Backyard Layer Mash

A blend of organic grains rolled/mashed into a consistent "powder like" chicken feed, offering backyard chickens a nutritionally balanced diet. Has a higher protein level than most standard feeds.

Organic Backyard Layer Mash (Certified to AS600 by Australian Certified Organic 10607)

Organic Backyard Layer Mash by Country Heritage Feeds is a blend of certified organic grains rolled into a consistent feed, offering backyard chickens a nutritionally balanced diet. Typical ingredients may include certified organic cereals such as wheat, sorghum, barley, pearl millet and corn. The feed also contains certified organic vegetable protein meals such as soybean meal, safflower meal, sunflower meal, fishmeal and meat meal; as well as other essential vitamins and minerals.

Hot Tip: Layer Mash feeds like this one include organic grains that are rolled or mashed into a powder like consistency (can vary). The benefit of mash is that 1. Some chickens find it easier and more attractive to eat and 2. It provides nutrition in a more uniform way since it helps reduce chickens from picking and choosing as they sometimes do with whole coarse grains. 

Size Guide

1 to 10 kg

Organic Backyard Layer Mash

Re-packed in a clear bag.


20 kg

Organic Backyard Layer Mash

Comes in original packaging.

Application The CHF Organic Backyard Layer Mash has been formulated to a higher protein to that of some other standard layer feeds on the market. The mash provides the birds with all the essential vitamins and minerals necessary to maintain good health and to promote consistent laying performance and production of quality eggs. This includes well-constructed egg shells and a vibrant yolk colour.

Feed Directions CHF Organic Backyard Layer Mash can be fed to birds at point of lay (18-20 weeks) but can be blended with CHF Chick Starter/Grower from 16 weeks.

Typical feed consumption is between 120g – 140g per head per day. This feed is best provided ad lib as the birds naturally regulate their consumption according to their energy requirements. A specially designed self-feeder is the most suitable method of doing this. To obtain minimal wastage, ensure that the feeder is elevated so the birds can comfortably access the feed, but high enough so they cannot scratch it out onto the ground with their feet. Always ensure that birds have access to clean potable drinking water.

Organic Backyard Layer Mash: Analysis, Key Points, Feed Start Time

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