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Garden Lucerne Hay Bales ( 4 bales or more )

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These garden lucerne hay bales are ideal as a garden mulch or fertiliser and will add much need nitrogen to your soil. Also popular as bedding for chickens and then re-used in the garden.

Garden Lucerne Hay Bales (4 Bales or more ) - Full Bale: for smaller quantities please see the other lucerne item below. Rough estimate of bale dimensions are 90 W x 50 D x 40 cm H.

This lucerne hay is ideal as a garden mulch or fertilizer and will add much need nitrogen to your soil. Covering your topsoil with lucerne mulch will also help prevent the soil from drying out prematurely from the elements.

Some people also use this lucerne as bedding for their chickens or other poultry. Once they are done using it as bedding they then re-use it in the garden as a mulch or even as excellent fertilizer.

If your looking for a lucerne hay to feed your rabbits, guinea pigs, horses or other pets please consider our premium QLD lucerne which is listed below as it is generally more green and fresh then this economical garden lucerne.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. If applied as a mulch how many square metres does a bale cover?

A. As a rough estimate, it covers 10 to 12 square metres depending on how thick it's applied.

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