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Farmers Organic Sugar Cane Mulch Bale (DISC)


Everyday Great Price ! Farmers Organic Australian Sugar Cane Mulch. Covers 7 sq Metres. Suitable for certified organic production. Improves soil water holding capacity. Protects plants root systems from extremes in climate and temperature. Stops soil erosion.

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Farmers Organic Australian Sugar Cane Mulch. Covers 7 sq Metres. (48 bales per pallet)

Suitable for certified organic production.


Farmers organic sugar cane mulch is suitable for all plants and is commonly used in vegetable, flower and fruit tree gardens.

All care is taken to select only the best quailty materials for use in the product.

Why is sugar cane mulch so special?

For decades farmers and garden professionals have understood and taken advantage of the many benefits of sugar cane mulch. These include :

# Improves soil water holding capacity.

# Protects plants root systems from extremes in climate and temperature

# Stops soil erosion and improves soil structure.

# Encourages earthworms and microbiological activity.

# Easy to use, just open and spread.

# Compressed to get more product into each bag.

Instructions for Best Results:

Remove existing weeds from the area to be mulched. if the soil is compacted, acrate it gently with a garden fork before spreading the mulch.

Spread sugar cane mulch over the soil surface. Optimum results will be achieved by spreading the mulch at 50-75mm deep. Keep the mulch from directly contacting the stems of shrubs. Water heavily after spreading.

Helping Australian sugar cane farmers:

The annual sugar cane crop is harvested green and the stick is sent to the sugar mill. Once the juice is extracted it is boiled and made into raw sugar. The leaves which are the by-product of the harvest are dried, raked and then baled and placed into storage for processing. Sugar cane mulch is environmentally friendly and comes from a re-newable and sustainable resource.

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