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Queensland Blue Couch Lawn Seed 100g


Queensland Blue Couch is a soft, fine leaf grass which has a blue-green colour which mows to a beautiful carpet. Ideal for temperate and sub-tropical areas. Sow from late September to late February. NOT to WA. SEE DISCLAIMER BEFORE ORDERING.

Queensland Blue Couch Lawn Seed 100g.

Buy multiple quantities and save! See Disclaimer below before ordering!


We buy this seed from a specialist seed supplier in bulk and re-package in a clear bag to help you save! Buy high-quality lawn seed without the high retail price!


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Delivery to WA: This item can NOT be sent to WA due to quarantine restrictions.

Queensland Blue Couch is a lush, soft blue-green couch which mows to a beautiful carpet. Ideal for temperate and sub-tropical areas. Sow from late September to late February. Sow only when the soil temperature is consistently over 21 degrees. 100g sows 10 sq. metres.

Application Rates:

First Sow = 10g per square metre of soil.

Oversow = 4g per square metre of existing lawn with reasonable coverage.

Note: Application rates are just estimates and other factors may alter the amount of seed required.

About QLD Blue Couch:

Queensland Blue Couch is a soft, fine leaf grass which has a blue-green colour and has been grown in Southeast Queensland yards for many years. It thrives in hot sunny conditions but is not suitable for shaded or high traffic areas. Queensland Blue Couch is low growing and does not thatch like some other varieties of grass. After extended periods of dry weather, it will recover quickly following watering or rainfall. With some regular maintenance, Qld Blue Couch will provide a lush attractive lawn.

Planting a Beautiful Lawn:

Ideal Sowing Time: Sow only when the soil temperature is consistently over 21 degrees. Sow from late September to late February.

Step 1: Loosen soil to a depth of 8cm. Work the top 2cm of soil to a fine smooth texture (a load of sandy-loam topsoil will help). On hard clay soils, apply some Gypsum.

Step 2: Check soil acidity - pH6 to 7 is ideal. Adjust acid soils with some Lime.

Hand Hint After soil preparation, leave area for about 2 weeks, when weeds begin to germinate. Watering will help initiate germination of weeds. Then spray entire area with a glyphosate weedkiller. Once weeds have died off, go to next step. This helps create a weed-free lawn.

Step 3: Rake Lawn Planting Fertiliser into the soil. Spread Queensland Blue Couch Lawn Seed thinly and evenly at a rate of 10g per square metre. Rake lightly into the surface and firm down or tread seed into surface.

Step 4: Water with fine spray and keep damp until lawn is established. Lawns sown in late Spring or Summer need frequent watering during the first summer.

Step 5: Mow when grass is about 8cm high, removing only the top 3cm.

Important Notes:

  • We bulk purchase this seed and re-package it in clear bags.
  • If multiple items are purchased they will be put together into a single bag.
  • This item is online only. If you would like to purchase this item in-store please request it via email before arrival.

* This product may have tiny amounts of other non-QLD Blue Couch seeds that have got into the seed accidentally during production.

Disclaimer: We now personally grow and test every batch of QLD blue couch seed we receive from our supplier, therefore we no longer refund or replace seed that does not grow. Since 99% of our customers and our own testing has shown that our seed is good, it's not fair that we should be responsible for the rare few who's seed does not grow due to gardening error, acts of nature or some other reason beyond our control.

Questions & Answers:

Q. Is there a use-by date on the Queensland blue couch lawn seed? I won't be seeding until December (it's now March)

A. We have been told by the supplier that this seed has a shelf life of over 2 years at least, so there is no problem with waiting a few months before planting.

Q. Can you please advise the most appropriate fertiliser for QLD Blue Couch grass?

A. We would recommend either Troforte Fert O Lawn or Grassmaster Lawn fertiliser as an excellent fertiliser for this type of lawn.

Q. Can you please advise how much QLD blue couch lawn seed I would require to oversow 250 square metres of established green/blue couch lawn.

A. If your current lawn has reasonable coverage I would suggest about 1kg of seed to cover 250 sq metres (from the supplier 26/8/14)

Q. Do you have a store or outlet in Brisbane?

A. We only have one store located in Sydney but we can freight quite economically all around Australia. Please call in advance before arriving in-store, as this item is usually kept at our warehouse and needs to be transferred over for pick up. Click here for our address details.

Q. Would QLD blue couch seed be suitable for my property that's predominately sand with about 50% of which is lacking substantially in organic matter?

A. Yes, this grass seed is ideal for sandy soils and also requires near full sun and does not like shaded areas. See above for more information to be sure your area meets to all the conditions to grow well.

Q. What is the botanical name of this QLD Blue Couch Seed?

A. Currently, the seed we are stocking is called Digitaria Didactyla (8/7/17)

Q. Where is this seed produced?

A. This seed is produced in Queensland, Australia.

Keeping Your Lawn Healthy and Weed-free

Feeding: Lawns need regular feeding to resist wear, disease and heat stress. Feed-in Spring, early Summer and Autumn. Use lawn food which has been specifically developed to provide all of the essential nutrients necessary for a healthy, lush, green lawn.

Watering: Regular deep watering is better than frequent light applications and makes lawn care easier and more water-efficient. Wet the top 10-12cm of soil to encourage deeper root growth. Hollow coring using a lawn aerator prior to Summer will assist water penetration.

Mowing Heights: After the lawn has established, during Spring and Summer we recommend a cutting height of 20mm-25mm. During Autumn and Winter this should be increased to 30-35mm.

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