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Lawnporn Launch+ 1L

Launch+ is a professional-grade turf fertiliser for strong root growth. For use in establishing and grow in phases. Improving root development and plant recovery. Covering up to 1000m2

Lawnporn Launch+ is specially formulated for the start of the growing season, lawns under repair from stress or injury, and establishing a new lawn. With high nutrient levels, we've also added the Kelp for biostimulant activity. This is a professional starter and repair fertilizer. ​

As a key nutritional requirement in establishment and root system development, phosphorous is an essential component of Launch+, containing 10% P as phosphite, which provides a sustained supply of phosphorus within the soil as it is converted to plant usable phosphate within the root zone. This is given to the root zone at a precise level as avoiding overloading the plant with phosphorous would compromise the uptake of key micronutrients such as iron.

Application rate: 50-100mL per 100m2 of lawn in 5-15L of water depending on application method.

  • Suitable for all grass types.
  • First application should be at the lowest strength.
  • No need to water in after application.


8-10-5 + KELP

Directions for use:
Mix according to the recommended dilution rates and apply as a spray or a drench to turf at times when root growth is required such as following seeding, turfing, or at the beginning of the growing season. Use a water volume of between 5-15L per 100m2 apply in enough water to achieve adequate coverage of the application area depending on the application method (e.g. if using a watering can, a higher water volume will be required compared to a pressure sprayer)

Fill the spray tank with half the required volume of water. Shake the container of Lawnporn Launch+ and add the required amount to the spray tank while stirring.

Avoid application to hard surfaces such as concrete and stone as the product may stain. Do not use in spray equipment that has previously been used for herbicide.

Situation Rate Comments
Turf Lawns of all varieties

Pressure Sprayer

Watering Can
20mL/10L water

Apply in a minimum of 5L water per 100m2. Repeat every 14-28 days during the growing season or whenever turf recovery is required

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